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Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 1, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Marble in Breccia Oniciata 12 x 12 at Dr. Phillips Hospital Orlando, FL

While many high-end hotels lean toward luxury design, others are starting to lead the way in their own right with design that is more like home. Plenty of other hospitality and healthcare designers are following. Recently Floor Trends magazine highlighted how designers are making these environments more homey but keeping them just as durable as ever.

The demands on hospitality design are shifting. It isn’t just about a look or just about the durability anymore. It is a mix of both plus a push to make spaces comfortable for the guest—the end user.

End users are at the forefront as designers imagine new spaces. Everyone from patients and guests who want to feel safe and secure, to maintenance crews who need materials to be low maintenance but top performers.

Taking a Page Out of the Corporate BookSeason Wood in Orchard Gray 8 x 48 and 8 x 48

Scott Johnson of Wolcott Architect Interiors in Culver City, CA told Floor Trends “The look is becoming more sophisticated and along the lines of corporate standards rather than traditional standards.” In both healthcare and hospitality, designers are using more naturally inspired materials, like reclaimed wood looks instead of the no-nonsense cold look of the past.

“I think it tends to make people feel as though they’re in a space where someone cares about them and actually placed care in the selection of not just the materials but the furniture, colors, and lighting.” Says Scott Johnson. It’s an attitude that the corporate world has already embraced. Now hospitality design is catching up.

Considering New Specifications on Functionality

Functionality is being redefined by the hospitality and healthcare industries. Where sanitation was the top concern for healthcare in the past, they are now starting to think about things like patient comfort. That means that they are asking designers for materials that deaden acoustics and are safer for those with limited mobility.

Hospitality is asking for functionality that includes common areas that work as places for all kinds of activities for all kinds of people. The lobby isn’t just a lobby anymore. It is the living room of the hotel where people meet, work, eat, and even play.

Industrial Park in Charcoal Black and Gray 24 x 24

Finding Quality

Even with this design revolution of sorts going on, quality is always a requirement no matter the application. Safety, durability, and maintenance are at the root of healthcare and hospitality. Style has to be combined with a high-traffic material. Safety has to harmonize with design.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult these days to find materials that fit the bill. For instance, Daltile’s Industrial Park™ was inspired by terrazzo and concrete and has a modern industrial flair but has excellent slip-resistance and is easy to clean.

A favorite for homes, commercial, and hospitality settings alike is wood-look tile. The latest from Daltile is a warm, and comfortable reclaimed wood-look plank tile that is a top performer in high-traffic and moisture-prone areas.


As time goes on, you’ll likely see more healthcare and hospitality designs mirror the comforts of home and the end user sensibilities of commercial spaces. A focus on customer service is good business no matter what type of business it is.

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