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His & Hers Bathroom Designs for Couples

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 13, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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In every great relationship there are little points of conflict which you mostly just agree to disagree on. But when it comes to the new bathroom design, things can get a little heated. Should there be a separate shower and tub? What is the budget exactly? Is it OK to splurge on the floor and sacrifice the rainfall shower head? At least you can agree on the dual vanity.

Here are a few ideas for his and hers bathrooms that will end in a happily ever after.

Separate the Space

There are many ways to give you both your space within the same room. Try installing two showers or two shower heads in an oversized shower so you don’t get in each other’s way in the course of your morning rituals.
Create a two sided vanity in the center of the room instead of along the wall with his sink and mirror on one side and hers on the other. Or separate a classic wall-lining vanity by placing a seating area or storage in between.

Put in a small wall or glass panel to subdivide the open floor plan so you can still be in the same room but have some respite. Or connect separate his and hers bathrooms with shared elements like a glass-walled shower.

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Increase the Storage

Part of the problem with sharing bathrooms is sharing the storage space. She doesn’t like digging through his deodorant and cologne to find a Q-tip and he would rather keep his the beauty products a mystery. More storage allows you both to have what you need without getting into each other’s stuff.

Install plenty of closed storage like closets and cupboards to keep clutter to a minimum. Place trendy apothecary jars on the countertop for commonly used items like soap and cotton balls.

A nice set of bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and tissue boxes help keep things tidy and looking nice. She might appreciate a jar of bath salts and he would love a countertop-worthy shaving set to use and display.

Outfit with Luxury

Add a few perks that you’ll both enjoy. Bring media into the room with a simple sound system or flat screen TV. Get a towel warmer

or other luxuries to make the bathroom your favorite room in the house.

Make your bathroom redesign a little easier by remembering these three things:

Negotiate; don’t compromise

 You’ll never be able to let go of that argument if you have to look at the result of an unhappy compromise every day. Instead, negotiate for a solution that you both can be happy with.

Embrace a design that represents both your styles collectively

Blend a little of your favorite styles with a little of your significant other’s style. Solicit the help of a designer to blend elements from both your favorite styles for a whole new look that perfectly expresses who you are as a couple.

Find products, materials, and accessories that you both love

There are so many options out there for decorating your bathroom that you are sure to find materials that work for both of you. Tile flooring is especially versatile design-wise and fits any budget. Mosaics are a good way to mix your tastes together in a harmonious way.

Make your bathroom personal and customized to both of you. Translate your everyday habits into your design with hooks for a bathrobe or a place to sit while you put your socks on.

Thoughtfully place outlets, light switches, and towel racks that suit your needs so your mornings go smoothly.Design the counters to comfortably fit your heights.

Whether you have lots of space to work with or a smaller space, the little details make the difference in providing a bathroom that you’ll both appreciate no matter what you’ve agreed to disagree on.



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