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Hexagonal Tile Ideas: How to Choose the Right Color and Pattern

Posted by Daltile Team on May 6, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Design-smart homeowners are forever on the hunt for that next special touch that will turn heads and even set trends. But when you're working with permanent floor tile, how far from usual should you venture? As long as your design is timelessly trendy, it's probably within today's boundaries.Savvy six-sided tile options come in a number of sizes, hues, and bold patterns. A focal wall, tub surround, entryway floor, or kitchen backsplash of contemporary hexagonal tile makes a unique impact on your design, and will impress guests. Here are some color pairing ideas and layouts to consider before you get started on your design.

DAL_M753_BlackWhiteHex_RES_01.jpgMarble Black/White 6" Hex Blend on the backsplash

Thinking Outside the Box

It's no secret that "big" is in style, so why not go with a large floor design that features small contrasting hexagonal floor tiles as the medium? You could even create a unique shape or spell out something within the tile such as the home's street number.

Abstract designs in hexagon-shaped media have a pixel-like vibe that remains popular today. You can even use such tile to form traditional or modern flower patterns in trendy colors, to develop a focal display of repeating geometric shapes or stripes, or to create a mural that depicts a field of posies or forest of trees. As long as it's smartly simple and cleanly installed, this type of art can boost the home's appeal.

Planning a Simple Pattern

Even basic hexagonal tile designs need at least a little planning especially if you opt for multiple colors of tile for the same application. For instance, Indian Multicolor Beehive from the Slate Collection has a variety of colors that you'll need to think about in relation to the rest of your design so you can coordinate the scheme.

Be Hive in White, Taupe, Ashgrey, Grey on the floor

Larger floor or focal-wall applications, however, usually turn out best when you restrict them to three or less neutral hues, including either white or off white. Neutral tones not only establish a timeless look, but a finish that improves the home's overall value and marketability. The Bee Hive series, for example, offers a large 20 x 24 hexagon tile that comes in six ruggedly natural hues. Include multiple colors in a kitchen or bathroom project for wall-to-wall warmth, presence, and interest.

When creating a pattern, separate the hexagonal tiles at random so the same colors don't touch—even at the corners—to avoid geometric confusion. When choosing a tile size, the bigger the project, the bigger the tile that it can handle. For instance, something like Bee Hive tile looks quite impressive when used underfoot in a large kitchen, around a generous-sized fireplace, or on the walls of a shower that's built for two.

If you're creating a hexagonal tile design, start with these inspirational ideas. When you're ready to choose the perfect tile for your home, head to your local Daltile dealer.

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