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Heartwarming News Stories to be Thankful For

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 26, 2015 10:30:00 AM

In this season of remembrance and gratitude, Daltile would like to take a look back at some recent news stories that warmed our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving!15-09-30-004_thanksgiving.jpg

November 12, 2015—Lima Peru

Remember seeing Otto the Bulldog skateboard his way to a new world record a couple of weeks ago? Turns out it was a tribute to a fellow skating bulldog, Tillman, who died in October.
Otto skated to victory on the 11th Annual Guinness World Records Day when hundreds of thousands of people try to set new world records. 30 people lined up creating a tunnel for Otto to skate through in Lima, Peru. He glided to success not only in Lima, but all over social media too.

November 13, 2015—Lexington, Kentucky

When is a parking ticket a good thing? When it turns into two meals for the hungry. Lexington city parking authority is accepting cans of food as payment for citations from November 18th to December 18th.

Offenders can bring in up to 10 cans of food and receive a $15 credit on citations. The food goes to stock the shelves one of four God’s Pantry Food Banks in the area. Food banks are in great need during the holidays. Whether or not you have a citation, make a donation to your local food bank.

November 16, 2015—New Zealand

The Paris attacks shook the world, but the world also responded with generosity and compassion. Jenny Boissinot’s New Zealand trip was interrupted by a devastating call that her sister, Chloe, was one of the 129 victims in Paris.
Friends put together a crowdfund campaign to get her and her partner home to France. People from all over the world donated and Jenny was able to return home to mourn with family.

November 13, 2015—Tampa, Florida

Tinder made a great match this past summer when Rich O’Dea and Jennifer Thomas decided to meet for a first date. Even though the two didn’t end up a couple, the magic happened when Thomas was a match for O’Dea’s best friend’s wife and (mother of two) who had been waiting for a kidney transplant for almost three years.

Thomas, a mother herself, felt for O’Dea’s friend and underwent all the necessary testing for a near stranger. The transplant took place on November 18th and all four are good friends today.

November 14, 2015—Atlanta, Georgia

Waiting for the train turned into a necktie tutorial at Lindgergh Center MARTA station a few weeks ago when a young man was unsuccessfully attempting to tie his tie. A nearby woman noticed and asked if he knew how to tie a tie. When he responded that he didn’t, the woman’s husband stepped in and gave a step-by-step tutorial to the young man. The elderly man coached the young man as he tried it on his own.

Atlanta resident, Redd Desmond Thomas, happened to catch the moment and uploaded it to Facebook. The other participants have not been identified.

October 28, 2015—Rustin, Louisiana

Just as the Thanksgiving season got underway, Otha Anders inspired us with a story of pennies he’d been saving for 45 years. He thought of pennies he found on the ground as reminders to be thankful.

The collection meant a lot to Anders. When the U.S. government offered a $25 bonus for every $100 worth of pennies turned in during the 1970s, he couldn’t bring himself to turn his collection over. Anders chose to cash in his pennies when he discovered that his insurance policy did not cover the collection. He used the $5,136.14 to pay a recent dental bill.

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