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Guest Bathroom Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 13, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Avondale in Castle Rock on the walls

Ready to remake your guest bathroom? Clear out those special shaped soaps. Nobody was sure what to do with those anyway. Try some of these ideas to convert your guest bathroom into a place your visitors won’t soon forget.

Make the Space Seem Bigger than It Is

If the guest bathroom is a little snug, a few details can make it seem roomier.
Select neutral paint colors and stick to a monochromatic scheme. Too much color, especially dark color, can crowd the space visually. Open things up by painting the vanity the same color as the walls.

Mirrors are a great way to bounce light around and make things seem more open. Besides the vanity mirrors, you might want to consider mirrors on the cabinet fronts or in other areas where the bathroom is a bit crowded.

Large format tile (15 inches or larger) may seem like a bad choice if a bathroom is small. But it’s the perfect selection. Larger tiles have fewer grout joints which make the floor seem more continuous, therefore, larger. Pick a tile with rectified edges so you can make the grout joints as small as possible for even less interruption on the floor. A grout in the same color as the tile also helps.

Increase the Comfort Level

Making your guests feel comfortable is key. Being away from home is tough enough without getting out of the shower and discovering you don’t know if you’re supposed to use the towels or if they are just for decoration.

Make sure to provide your guests will all the comforts of home. Hooks for towels and bathrobes look more casual and guests don’t have to guess what’s for them and what’s off limits.
Door locks and window treatments that are easy to use provide security and privacy. If either are difficult to use, it may result in uneasy guests.

Get creative with storage so guests can find what they need without feeling like they are digging through your medicine cabinet uninvited. Open shelving and baskets for toilet paper, lotions, soaps, and the like let your guests know that they can help themselves.

Retro Rounds in Saddle Brown on the backsplash

Add Some Luxury

Being away from home should feel special. Take your guest bathroom to the next level with details that create a comfortable yet, distinctive space.

Add a crystal chandelier or sconces to take it up a notch. Consider a marble countertop or a designer backsplash. Put out fresh flowers. Your guests will feel like you pulled out all the stops just for them.

Don’t Forget Functionality

Guest bathrooms should be more than stylish. They should also be functional. Be sure to ensure your guests feel right at home plugging in hairdryers, spreading their skin care products across the counter, or filling up the tub to shave.

Be sure to install plenty of electrical outlets around the vanity. There never seem to be enough when your guests are getting ready for that special night out. Even if your guest bathroom is small, try to leave open counter space for guests to spread out and settle into their normal routines.

Choose Timeless Design

Make your guest bathroom style timeless by choosing classic designs. Picking designs informed by fads will have you wanting to redecorate before too long. A good rule of thumb is to stick to a style that reflects the rest of the house, or at least the rest of the guest suite.

Selections for the guest bathroom that you really can’t go wrong with are plentiful. Try white subway tile or other neutral and classic wall tile. It is easy to keep clean and lasts a long time. Tile in the bathroom is a classic that won’t ever go out of style.

Stone countertops are a great pick too. They don’t date themselves and always look classy. Stone in the bathroom is more affordable than the kitchen because you are using less so this is your chance to really elevate your design while staying on budget.

Showscape in Soft Gray and Stylish White with Arabesque pattern on the wall

Don’t be Too Vanilla

Yes classic design is important for the longevity of your bathroom, but you also want your bathroom design to be unforgettable. Add some pizazz to your classic look for a bathroom design that skirts the line between timeless and trendy.

For instance, white subway tile can be amped up with a contrasting grout. Get out of the granite countertop rut with durable quartzite. Add a color to your monochromatic color scheme with bright towels or artwork on the walls.

Add some personal details to the space with handcrafted materials or favorite antiques. Little personal accents will set your guest bathroom apart without making it too eclectic.

Balance Lighting

There’s nothing worse than not having sufficient light in the bathroom, except having too much light . . . you know, when you’re backlit and trying to put on your makeup.

Balance the lighting by adding sconces on either side of the mirror. Installing a skylight is good for providing overhead natural light. Put shades on the windows that can be adjusted so the lighting isn’t too much or too little.


Create the perfect guest bathroom that will be the ultimate in comfort and style for your guests for many years to come. Visit for more ideas.

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