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Green Spring Cleaning

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Get It Clean Without the Harmful Chemicals (Part 5 in the Go Green! Series)

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All those cleaners under your sink may get your house clean, but they also pose a risk to your family. If the label says that caution should be exercised when using the cleaner, take that as a sign that you shouldn’t start wiping down the house with it where your children play and you prepare food.

Instead, try some green cleaning products like Meyer’s, Method, Seventh Generation, or Biokleen. Or save some money and make your own green cleaners. For your spring cleaning this year protect your home and get it clean too. Here are the basic ingredients you need.

Vinegar. Dilute anywhere from two teaspoons to one quarter cup in a quart of warm water and put it in a spray bottle. It’s a miracle worker on windows and mirrors.

Citrus. Fresh lemons, lemon peels, and lemon essential oil can make a great all-purpose cleaner. Soak the peels in vinegar for two weeks then dilute with water.

Essential Oils. Oils like tea tree and lemon have anti-microbial properties. Combine 10 drops of lemon oil and 20 drops of tea tree oil in one quart of water for countertops and tile floors.

Baking Soda. Great for getting rid of odors and oil buildup, try baking soda on carpets and the mattress. Sprinkle it on, let sit, then vacuum up. It can also be a good abrasive if you need to scrub tough dirt.

Rags. Do mother earth a favor and use rags that can be reused rather than paper towels that you’ll throw away.

Olive Oil. Use it as a base for making furniture polish. Add equal parts lemon oil and olive oil and go to town.

Borax. Borax is a good disinfectant and can replace bleach. Find it in the laundry isle.

Castile Soap. This soap is made from vegetable oil so it’s always vegan and usually organic. It’s available in solid and liquid form from several different brands. Use it for laundry, dishes, and just about everything else.

Salt.  Use salt as an abrasive on tough stains. Just sprinkle it on an oven spill while still hot then when cool, rub with a damp cloth.

Be cautious when mixing up your own cleaners that you don’t cause harmful chemical reactions. Here are some recipes for cleaners to help you get started.

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