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Go Red in February!

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 4, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Red Tile for Your House

Color Wave in Red Hot 2 x 12

Millions across America pay special attention to red in the month of February. With Valentine’s Day, National Heart Month, and a myriad of other causes, red certainly gets more than its five minutes of fame. Keystones in Red

Red is beloved for more than just one month of the year, though. In the words of fashion designer, Bill Blass, “when in doubt, wear red.” We agree. 

You might be thinking that red tile is only for ultra contemporary designs or people who like eclectic style. But red is far too sophisticated to be reserved only for the unique design. It’s basic enough to be comfortable in a traditional style and bold enough to stand out in more forward-thinking spaces. 

Here are 15 red tiles to consider. 

GalleryColor Wave in Red Hot 1 x 1 mosaic

This streamlined solid color tile is great for simple contemporary designs. The classic red shade is bold and clean. It is available in several large format sizes.

Color Wave

This 1 x 1 mosaic comes in a solid, fire engine-red that makes a great accent or even can be featured on a backsplash. Color Wave is made from recycled materials so it’s sustainable too.


Keystones is a mosaic that comes in squares, rectangles, and hexagons in sizes from 1 x1 to 2 x 4. The lighter red tone is not quite as bold as a classic red, but has an aesthetic that blends well with other colors.

Natural Hues Marble Collection in Rojo Alicante

This tile is often used for custom work like intricate wall mosaics. The range of colors is its key selling point. There are four shades of red to choose from. Get a slightly pink tinged tile or a cinnamon influenced tile and two more colors besides. This tile is available in many sizes up to 12 x 12.


Trim up your tile installation with a pop of color. The Liners series offers several trims in three shades of red that will ensure your design has just the right amount of color.


Yes, even stone has some reddish hues to choose from. Both granite and marble offer a natural red alternative to some of the more flashy red tiles. Try Rojo Alicante from the Marble Collection or Juparana from the Granite Collection.

Egyptian GlassEgyptian Glass in Crimson

This luminous glass mosaic has an iridescent quality that enhances the look and deepens the red tones. Both Crimson and Rosetta will satisfy your craving for red. Or for an accent of red, try the multi-blend mosaic, Garnet Gallery. It combines green and gold alongside the red for a luxurious effect.

Micro Flecks

Put some red on your countertops with Micro Flecks in Strawberry Patch from ONE Quartz Surfaces™. This engineered surface, made of 93% quartz, is a champion for durability and lends that pop of color you’re looking for.

Retro Rounds

These little penny round tiles in classic red are anything but ordinary. They pop out not just because of the vibrant red, but their shape. Combine them with a contrasting grout to bring out the unique shape.

IllustrationsONE Quartz Surfaces Micro Flecks in Strawberry Patch

Here’s another 1 x 1 mosaic option in a glass tile that has pure red color. If you wanted a true red, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Jewel Tide

Jewel Tide is an unusual mosaic that mimics the 1 x 1 size but adds a sense of variability for a more rustic look. The sea-glass inspired tile with irregularly sized individual tiles comes in two shades of red.


These large 12 x 24 wall tiles are available in a bright red that will make them the center of attention. They come imprinted with a raised pattern that creates texture and geometric design. Choose from reverse dot, chevron, lattice, arabesque, or solid.

SoireeShowscape in Current Arabesque

Soiree glass mosaic includes elegant blends that will add some red to your décor without it being overwhelming. Choose a 1 x 1 mosaic or a linear random mosaic. Two shades to choose from.


This mosaic features several different textures that add interest to the jewel-toned red of this tile. It’s a great fit for a backsplash that aims to make a statement in the space.


At 3/8 wide, this is one of Daltile’s narrowest linear mosaic. It features a random layout with two shades of red. It’s a great selection to add dynamics to your design.

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