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Give the Entryway Purpose

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Form and Function of the Foyer

River Marble in Sandy Flats 12 x 24 on the floor

What’s the purpose of an entryway?

To make a good first impression? To be a place that transitions from the outdoors in? To welcome your guests into your home and family?

All of the above. But it can also be a place of functionality. You could turn it into a command center if you wanted to. Or you could add some furniture that serves as a starting place for your home’s décor. Without an agenda, a foyer is just a door where you go in and out. Give your entryway some purpose with a few of these ideas.

Command Center

Having an element of organization in the entryway is always a good idea. The kids come in and drop their backpacks there anyway. Friends need a place to store their coats and bags when they come for a visit. Devote a little part of your entryway to controlling that chaos.

A small, well-appointed closet usually does the trick. But if you don’t have a closet a few hooks, cubbies, and a bench get the job done. Try to keep your command center smallish so it doesn’t overwhelm the foyer. You want to preserve its integrity as an entryway.

Read more about creating a great command center at Daltile.

Memory LaneAlessi in Crema on the floor

Use the foyer as a place to display family photos and memorabilia. It gives a sense of what’s important to you and introduces your guests to the people who call this house home.

Shadow boxes and framed photos are a great choice. You can also go with a bulletin board, magnet board, or some clips so you can easily change out your décor as your family grows.

Make it classy by arranging your frames in a tight geometric pattern. Try to use the same type of frames or the same color of frames to bring it together as a design element rather than a mish mosh that looks like it migrated from the front of the refrigerator.

Artistic Flair

Display a favorite work of art that defines your home’s design. It’s the first introduction to your home and it should deliver a dose of everything that makes your home yours.

Have some art deco elements and patterns in your design? Go for a classy deco print. Maybe you’ve embraced natural and neutrals in your design. You might like to display a beautiful slab of stone or a simple floral or landscape print.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of space to work with and your wall hangings don’t have to be at eye level to have an impact. However, you’ll want to keep everything at or under six feet, eight inches so it doesn’t get lost.

Consider hanging a mirror in your foyer. It increases the light can expand the space visually. The right frame can make a statement about who you are and what one can expect to experience in your home.

Seasonal Décor

The entryway is the perfect place to introduce some seasonal décor into your home where it will be seen and appreciated.

Christmas decorations are probably the first thing you think about but consider other holidays and seasons as well. Twinkle lights go with just about any décor and add a little something special to your foyer. Silk flowers in the spring, some colorful autumn foliage, red-white-and blue for the summertime all make your entryway feel festive.

Let your entryway do double duty. Make it functional and beautiful for a foyer that does its job.

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