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Formal Foyer Ideas for Luxury Entryways

Posted by Daltile Team on May 6, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Your front entrance is the ambassador that welcomes guests to your home and represents the design of the rest of the house. It should make a fabulous first impression and be functional, as well as beautiful.

Provide FunctionalityRiver Marble in Sandy Flats on the floor

A luxury foyer may feel like a bit of a splurge, but even the largest most stunning entryways can offer purposeful functionality.

In many extravagant entryways, the key feature is the staircase. The staircase—functional as it is—is also an opportunity to dress up your foyer. Wide staircases covered in luxe materials set the tone for the entire space. Details like nice balustrades and hand-turned banisters make the staircase a statement piece.

Storage is a necessity in the foyer. Your guests will need places to store their coats and bags. You might even want a place to stash everyday items like shoes and keys if you regularly use the front entrance. The key to storage in a formal foyer is to hide it. A small closet isn’t too conspicuous yet it provides the functionality you need.

The foyer should lead your guests where you want them to go next. Ensure there is a clear path and direction to follow. A simple runner on the floor or continuation of tile into the next room cancreate the sense of direction you need to give your foyer purpose.

Create a ViewAlessi in Crema on the floor

Your foyer isn’t a room in and of itself. It’s a transitional space that’s meant to lead to another space. Not only should your foyer look great, the other spaces you can see from the foyer should look great too.

Consider what you want guests to see when they come to your home. Perhaps the foyer has a view of the bay windows across the hall in the dining room. Maybe you can see the living room or a formal sitting room inviting your guests to stay a while.

If you’re foyer is more closed off, create your own view with furnishings, art, and décor.

Make the Foyer Stand Out with Custom Elements

If there’s one place in your home to go custom, do it in the formal foyer. That special tile pattern on the floor or feature wall is right at home in the entryway where it can be appreciated and admired.

Mosaic tile medallions call up the luxury of ancient design. Or create a custom pattern in cut and pieced tile. Rugs have the same effect and add extra warmth to the space.

Lighting in the foyer is important and you can select a stunning chandelier to make the entryway special. Sconces are a nice touch for an area with lots of natural light in the day time and mood lighting at night.

Furnish with FlairVeranda Solids in Rawhide with Sand accents

While you probably don’t expect to use the foyer as a place to congregate, a chair, small sofa, and some end tables are a great addition to your formal foyer. They fill the space with meaning and create a welcoming feeling.

A long, narrow table doesn’t take up too much real estate and gives you a place to display framed pictures, knickknacks, table lamps, and plants.

Seating in the entryway doesn’t get much use, but it can help to set the tone of your home’s design and give you a chance to add a pop of color or pattern to liven up the space.

A mirror on the wall helps to expand the space if your foyer is on the smaller side. They also reflect light so the area is brighter.

Look Up with a 2-Story Foyer

The two-story foyer has been a popular design feature for a long time. It is probably the easiest way to make your foyer more formal.

A staircase in the foyer makes it easy to achieve tall ceilings. Two-Story ceilings also let you spring for the dramatic hanging chandelier.

Windows above the door let in lots of light and give more grandeur to the foyer. They also lend anticipation to the entry since they enhance the exterior appearance.

Use Quality Materials

The single best way to make your foyer feel luxurious is to use quality materials. A beautiful marble or marble-look tile goes a long way. Even laid out simply, hardwood or wood-look tile brings elegance to the entryway.

Opt for well-made furnishings and high-end lighting. There are no substitutions for the look and feeling that comes with the right materials.


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