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Flooring Retailers Leverage Strength in Numbers with Daltile

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 21, 2015 7:30:00 AM

It’s tough world out there for flooring retailers! Ed Kelley, a regional sales manager in New Hampshire, told us just how difficult it can be for the little guy sometimes.

“The consumer is so well informed today. They walk into a store knowing exactly what they want. Because of the information available on the internet they come in ready to go.”

That's both an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because they are ready to make a purchase and it's easier for you to close the deal. A challenge because they may have a different idea about the price than is realistic.

Though some dealers choose to sell online, other dealers who sell exclusively online don’t have the overhead of the brick and mortar shop. They can sell at a very low margin and that’s hard to compete with.

Retailers offer more than just tile. They are also experts who offer experience in both tile and design. They can speak face to face with clients and help them find the perfect fit for their project--something the internet can't offer. Ordering online comes with a risk that is all but eliminated in the retail store.

Daltile wants to make it easier and continues to provide help so flooring retailers can grow their position in the marketplace. Here’s how.


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Unique Products display

Ed Kelley says “dealers are looking for exclusivity in products—something unique only they can sell.”

Daltile is consistently striving to produce tile that leads the market. With cutting-edge technology like StepWise™, Visual Imaging™, Reveal Imaging®, and rectified edges, we offer unmatched quality, selection, and design.

Today's consumers want bigger tiles, less grout joints, contemporary styling, bright color options, and linear looks. They love wood-look tile and the constantly improving imaging and styling that is introduced with each new product launch. They still love stone-look tile and appreciate how the visuals have continued to improve since their introduction in the 90s.

Impressive Services for Retailers

Daltile helps retailers show consumers all their options with our displays and sample boards. Your sales representative is happy to work with you to find the right merchandising tools for your business. Get guidance as to the products best suited to your market. Develop a stocking profile. And attend seminars for product training. You can always call on your rep to answer technical questions and get recommendations.



Exclusive Dealer Program: Statements

Even with all these tools and great products, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you may feel like a little boat in a big sea full of pirates. That’s why Daltile offers the Statements program for dealers.

Ed Kelley told us “Small flooring retailers need to align themselves with buying power and a recognized brand to thrive among the online markets and big box home centers. A program like Statements provides strength in numbers so retailers can leverage themselves in their market.”

Statements is designed to help support you and your business. We help you increase sales and profits with displays that are tailored to your showroom design, rebates, advertising, and sales leads from our headquarters. You will also receive business and operations training in addition to product training.


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