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Floor Tile and More: Choosing the Right Design Style for Your Home

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 20, 2015 8:30:00 PM

When it comes to choosing an overall design for your home, emotion is key. You want every room to evoke a different emotional experience for you and your guests—and this can be easily accomplished by choosing a floor tile and then working your way up. For instance, going with calming colors and simple patterns within your design will facilitate a different set of emotions compared to a design that features bold hues and noticeable textures.

The reality is that implementing a cohesive design throughout your home takes time and an understanding of what you like and dislike about specific trends. If you have trouble sticking to one specific style, you will most likely have an easier time designing your home. Mixing various materials and designs together has become a trendy strategy when designing a home, as it allows you to showcase pieces of all of your favorite styles and art instead of being pigeonholed into one specific design trend. Here are a few tips and tricks for choosing the right design, and overall style, for your space.

Choose the Styles You Like

First thing's first, you must be able to identify which styles fit your personality before you can design your dream space. Here are a few main types of design to consider:

  • Contemporary: Fluid and clean, contemporary design is focused on balance. It perfectly walks the line between formal and functional to give your space a comfortable feel.


  • Modern: This style can be broken down into midcentury modern, which features versatile pieces and elegant lines, and industrial modern, which features raw steel, exposed brick, and rustic wood pieces.


  • Bohemian: Bright, vibrant, and purposefully messy, the Bohemian style fosters a jovial, carefree tone.


  • Coastal: Think blue, sand, and white colors against unfinished wood pieces. This style often resembles a beach-side cottage that has an understated, refined look that never goes out of style.

Start by Selecting Your Flooring

Santino in Chiaro 12 x 24 on the floor and quartzite in Crystallize on the countertop

Start by choosing the right flooring for your space. If you love the idea of a coastal design, try going with floor tile that is light-colored wood-look porcelain. This will provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing, beachy design. On the other hand, if you want to create a contemporary and modern design, try going with the look of cool cement, which is perfect for an industrial design. Similarly, natural stone flooring is a perfect option for an overall Bohemian design.

Consider Your Space

Your design preferences may or may not work in your home or apartment, depending on the size of rooms and overall space you're dealing with. For instance, if you have a small kitchen in a city apartment, and you want to create a bold design, you'll need to choose materials that make a big design impact. For example, Daltile's Geo Flecks line can make a big statement when it's used in a small space. From the One Quartz collection, this material provides consistent color and visual movement, which is key to making a dramatic statement. All in all, you must consider your design preferences and the size of the space you're working with before making a final decision.

Choose Patterns Carefully

As you design a space that reflects your personality, be sure to choose materials in various patterns, shapes, and colors that you love. For instance, you can go with a patterned tile floor, interesting throw pillows, or even patterned accent pieces. By including various patterns in your design, you'll be able to customize your style and truly bring it to life. Repeating patterns is also a great way to tie one space into the next, allowing you to create a streamlined design throughout your home. By including patterns within your design, you'll be able express your creative side and customize your style.

Look to Reliable Wood-Look Tile

When determining what type of tile is right for your home, consider wood-look tile options. This type of tile flooring is designed with a focus on performance, and it will last a long time, making it a perfect material for any room. Unlike wood, porcelain wood-look tile can be used in wet areas, including kitchens and bathrooms, and is a versatile material that works well within most design styles. So whether you prefer a rustic vibe, a modern look, or an elegant design, wood-look tile can work as a flooring or wall material. It's also very easy to clean and maintain, which any homeowner will appreciate.

Saddle Brook in Farmhouse 6 x 36

Don't Forget about Lighting

If you look at design galleries or magazines, you'll notice that a key element when pulling off the perfect room design is always lighting. How you incorporate natural light, or install additional lighting, can make a dramatic impact on how your room looks and feels. So when deciding on the right floor tile and other materials for your design, consider the natural light in the space and how it shifts throughout the day. Then make any necessary changes to the lighting by bringing in additional lamps or track lighting. Keep in mind that certain design elements may look better in natural light rather than manufactured light, so as you choose design elements, try to view samples under different lighting. Seeing your design elements in all possible lighting will help prevent any surprises once you have them installed.

If you're spending the time and money to revamp a space, it's important that you create the right design and choose the right materials. When putting your whole design together, be sure that you consider the styles that you like, but also think about what will look best within the space you have to work with. For instance, when choosing floor tile, make sure you choose a material that looks good with the natural lighting you have in the space, is practical, and won't quickly become dated. After you choose a flooring material, the rest of your design will fall into place. If you have further questions, speak with an interior designer to ensure that your design preferences are met every step of the way.

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