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Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 4, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Tone on Tone Porcelain Tile

Does your office need a little facelift? It can be difficult to upgrade your look and still get the durability you need for commercial foot traffic. Get rid of that stale commercial look and take it up a notch with a beautiful tone on tone design.

What is tone on tone?

Tone on tone is working with only one color but changing it up with different shades and textures to give it variety.

Tone on tone is a simple way to get a more sophisticated look without sacrificing the durability you need in a commercial environment. Here are a few tone on tone concepts you can achieve with porcelain tile.

Include colors a bit darker or lighter than your main color

Select one main color for your office space then select a lighter or darker version of the same color. You have not varied from the simple color you started with but you’ve added an element of interest that will make the space unique.

Achieve this look by picking out two or three colors (tints or shades of your main color) in the same tile. You can also select a tile that has tone on tone built into its design, such as some of our cement look tiles. They look like stained, aged cement and naturally have layers of color that help you get that commercial-chic look.


Cotto Contempo in Michigan Avenue 20 x 20 field tile

Add patterns

A single color can seem like many by adding different patterns to the room. Don’t worry if your mother told you never to put stripes and polka dots together. Current trends allow for mix and match even in the commercial space.

Achieve this look by selecting tiles with patterns. We like the fabric look porcelain tiles because they soften the look and make it feel like a second color has been added without actually having to select a second color. You can use them on the walls or the floors.

Spark in Toaster Luster 12 x 24 Thin Tile wall decorative accent

Consider accent tiles that add a little pattern to a field tile but don’t overwhelm the space. It’s easy to get a perfect color match if you select field tile and accent tile from the same series. For instance, the City View™ series offers field tile in several sizes plus accents to go with it.

 Industrial Park in Light Gray and Charcoal Black 24 x 24 field tile

Pair with black or white

Black or white makes a great companion to your tone on tone design. When you are trying to keep it simple, black or white goes with everything and is always available. You don’t have to worry about matching unique colors in your space if you turn to black and white for either the basics in your commercial space, or the décor details.

Achieve this look with wall tile in black or white, which helps bring a room together. Just about every tile we make at Daltile comes in black and white so the sky’s the limit.

Black or white floors make a no-fuss backdrop for the rest of the commercial space to be built on. Porcelain tile in black or white can look like cement, natural stone, or other materials so there’s definitely one to suit

Direct traffic in an open floor plan

If your office is more of an open space, you can use tone on tone to help differentiate the space and create divisions. You can also create a traffic pattern that will keep people from wandering.

Achieve this look with different tones in the same tile. This makes it feel like a separate space even when it’s not. When the tones are similar, it makes the space feel separate without the abruptness of a wall.

Neutral color porcelain tiles usually work best with this design. We like Diamante which offers several brown-based tiles and gray based tiles that transition seamlessly.

Create a commercial space that welcomes your employees and customers with style. Try tone on tone design for a simple way to elevate your commercial office. Check out tone on tone porcelain tile at Daltile.

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