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Making a Grand Entrance: Elevate a Small Entryway

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 9, 2016 10:30:00 AM

You know what they say about making a great first impression. That’s the whole idea behind the grand foyer. But if you’re short on space in the entryway that doesn’t have to mean you can’t make a stunning entrance.Alessi in Crema on the floor

The key to making your small entryway into something a little more is to somehow set it apart. Whether that means you better define the space or simply make it the focal center with color or texture, it all depends on what you’ve got to work with.

Here are some simple ways to elevate your small entryway into a foyer fit for royalty.

Feature Wall

You can separate your entryway from the rest of your open floor plan, or create a foyer where there really isn’t one with a feature wall. There are lots of ways to do this. You can paint the wall in a different color or add an interesting pattern with wallpaper.

Try some wall tile with a3D texture or an elegant pattern. Even mosaic is a good idea to set apart this space from the rest of the house. You can also make it feel like its own space by furnishing it separately. Add a small table, framed mirror, or art.


Turn your entryway into a functional place for your family. Add elements of a command center or mudroom where you can leave your keys, hang your coat, and the kids can leave their shoes. If you have a very narrow space, a simple shelf with hooks can serve the same purpose without taking up too much real estate.

Bold Design

Bright and bold color draws attention and creates a dramatic entry that doesn’t cost you any space. Try painting the inside side of the door in a contrasting color to the rest of your color scheme. An interesting rug in the entryway makes a path that’s hard to overlook.

Graphic shapes have the same effect as bright and bold colors. Defined graphic lines are a great choice for an entryway and come in many different varieties that go with just about any style. Try stripes or lantern shapes in a more traditional setting. Or go slightly edgy in a more modern or contemporary space.

Mirror ImageGranite in Absolute Black and Travertine in Mediterranean Ivory on the floor

Mirrors increase light and make a space seem bigger than it is. A big mirror in your entryway can change the whole feeling. It makes it feel more expansive and luxurious. If you’re brave, cover a whole wall—or walls—with mirrors to get the full effect.

Try using metallic accents to get the same effect. Metallic tile or paint helps introduce more light and points of interest that feel important and larger-than-life.


Make the foyer feel special with a little framing. It’s a permanent structure that says “this space is reserved.” Frame the door with molding, closets, or trim. Frame the floor in front of the door with a special tile or wood pattern different from the rest of the floor.

A tile medallion or recreating a runner with tile both work well to set the space apart. A rug can do the same work if you’d rather not make it permanent.


Go all out in the entryway to make it luxurious. In a small space like a foyer, you can afford to do something a little different that will make the entryway singular. Splurge on a natural stone tile on the floor. Go for a unique mosaic on the wall. Cover the ceiling in gold or silver leaf.

Be sure your selections aren’t too different from the rest of the house. You want the foyer to stand out but not so far out that it doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of your décor and design choices.

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