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Easing into Back to School

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 30, 2016 10:30:00 AM

The summer went be way too fast and now you’re contemplating yet another school year. There are so many things to get organized before that first day arrives that you might overlook some things that could make everything that much smoother.

Here are a few ideas you can do now to make the first day a little less chaotic.

School hallway

Closet Overhaul

Clean out closets and dresser drawers now to get rid of worn or outgrown clothing and take inventory of what you’ll need to get when it’s time to go school shopping. Planning before you shop helps you get the best deals and avoid going over budget.

Important Documents

Gather all the documents that you know you’ll need at the beginning of the school year like immunization records, birth certificates, report cards, health exam records, etc. Make a file for each child and store it away where you can easily get it to expedite registration.

Summer Cleaning

You scrubbed the house in the spring, but a quick cleaning will leave you ready for action when school days arrive again. Try using these speed cleaning tips to get it done fast.

Command Center

Use your lazy summer days productively to organize a command center or drop zone where the kids can deposit backpacks, shoes, and school necessities. You’ll always know where to find the kids’ most needed items and school work. This is also a great place to put the family calendar or things you want the kids to look at frequently.

Family Calendar

A family calendar is very helpful to have everybody’s comings and goings all in one place so you can see what’s up at a glance and avoid double booking. Put it in a place where you’ll all see it frequently. Consider getting together for a few minutes on Sunday afternoon to review the upcoming week and add any events that you’ve scheduled during the previous week.

Menu Planning

With homework, soccer practice, and gymnastics who has time for dinner let alone sitting down together to eat? A menu plan eliminates the question “what’s for dinner?” and streamlines your shopping trip. If you’re too busy to cook on school nights, try dedicating the weekend to cooking a month’s worth of meals to toss in the freezer.

Sleeping and Eating Schedules

Of course you want to enjoy sleeping in as long as possible, but the sooner you start adjusting the schedule back to one appropriate for school, the easier it will be on that first day. Start waking the kids earlier and earlier about two weeks before school starts. Save yourself some anguish and don’t start requiring them to go to bed earlier until a few days in when they will be tired enough from getting up earlier.

Getting everyone back on a school year meal schedule will also help them to adjust before school and minimize crankiness the first week of school.

Orientation Night

Go to meet the teacher or orientation nights. Get familiar or re-familiarized with the school. Meet the teachers. Meet new and old friends. Find lockers, restrooms, and coat hooks. Doing this helps your kids feel more prepared and comfortable. There’s enough to deal with on the first day without having to worry about the basics.

Down Time

Don’t use the last week before school to review what the kids forgot over the summer. Give them some down time before the rush and challenge of the school year hits.

Make Goals

Right before the school year starts is a good time to help the kids set some goals for the coming year. When kids set their own goals they are learning an important lesson that will influence their entire life.

Dry Run

Try out the morning routine before school starts. You’ll get a more realistic idea of how long it takes to walk to the bus stop or get everyone out of the shower so you can fine tune the schedule.

Night Before Prep

Once school starts, try to make the morning run better by doing as much as you can the night before. Pack lunches and backpacks. Set the breakfast table. Lay out clothing. The less there is to organize in the morning, the easier it is to get out the door.


Happy back to school from Daltile!

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