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Durable Design for Kids

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 30, 2015 7:30:00 AM

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Yorkwood in Pecan 6 x 36

Kids change everything. They definitely influence your design and décor choices. There’s good news though. You don’t have turn your home into a combat zone until they turn 18 and fly the nest. You can have a child-friendly home that still has loads of style.

Here are a few ideas to introduce kid-tough style into your home.

Comfy Corners

Kids will go for the soft spots. Places in your home with pillows, thick rugs, or oversized cushions are kid-magnets. Make sure these areas are equipped with materials that are tough and can withstand the occasional pillow fight. You can also design comfy nooks and crannies into your design. The kids will gravitate toward these and turn them into impromptu reading corners and gathering places.

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Look Don’t Touch

There is still a place for your precious objects—even with curious kids around. But a look-don’t-touch policy is a recipe for disaster. Place your special items up high or in glass cases away from prying fingers. Get creative with placement of these items—they don’t have to be in a curio cabinet. Be sure to secure your items so they won’t easily slide off shelves or fall from walls when the rough-housing commences. Use fishing line to secure items. It’s invisible and strong.

Washable Everything

As often as you can, go for washable materials on the furniture, pillows, etc. Even better, get upholstery covers and shams to protect your furnishings from careless spills and experimental art. Pick upholstery and rugs that will hide dirt and stains in durable materials like leather or twill instead of cotton.

Tile Tough

Tile is an excellent option for floors and walls in a household with kids because it is so durable and easy to clean. They can track in mud, bring home stray kittens, or have a food fight and you don’t have to worry about your surfaces. The bonus here is that tile comes in so many styles (think wood tile, fabric tile and concrete tile looks) you can have a luxurious design and your tile flooring is still kid-proof. Consider wall tile, especially in wet areas for easy clean up and little to no maintenance.

Spark in Firelight Flicker wall tile

Fingerprints and Smudges

Kids touch their world to discover it. That said you can count on your glass coffee table never looking flawlessly clean ever again. Steer clear of glass and highly-polished surfaces altogether. They all show smudges very easily and will keep you endlessly cleaning. Opt for matte finishes. These will decrease visible fingerprints and soften the atmosphere of your home.

Armoire Love

Start looking for armoires and cabinets at your local flea market, because these are a great way to bring in some extra storage for books, toys, and art supplies. It is always cheaper to skip the built-ins and closets and go for furniture instead. Plus it looks great. You can also find ottomans, end tables, and fashionable baskets and boxes that give you a little more stylish storage.

Acacia Valley in Alder 6 x 36 and 9 x 36 planks

Mood Enhancers

Stick to light neutrals and bright colors to enhance the feeling in your home. Darker colors can be more somber especially when used frequently in a design. Offset the dark elements in your home like upholstery on the couch with other elements that brighten things up. Not only are you designing for durability, but for an atmosphere where everyone likes to be.

There is no better education than experience. What have you done to achieve kid-proof design that doesn’t make you feel devoid of any style? Join the conversation below to add your ideas.

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