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Design Inspired by Countries around the World

Posted by Daltile Team on May 2, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Scandinavian style lobby
Woodbridge in Spruce

Spend five minutes on a home improvement TV channel and you’ll quickly realize that designers speak in terms of design style. This house is French countryside style and that house is classic American style, etc.

Occasionally, you’ll hear about some style that you’ve never encountered before like Belgian chic. If you’re wondering what it all means you’re not alone. Here are a few design styles inspired by different locations around the world.

American Traditional

There are lots of different American styles (Southwest, Shaker, etc.), but traditional design in America is defined by the colonial era. It has plenty of woodwork like mantels, kitchen cupboards, and bookcases. It also features wood in the trims like crown moulding, baseboards, chair rail, and door and window casing.

It is often a formal design with great attention to details, craftsmanship, and quality. Wood selections are often fine hardwoods and fabrics are rich in color and weave.


Indian-inspired designs are warm and colorful. It is said the color palettes come from the range of vibrant spices indigenous to the area. Patterns are also a hallmark of Indian design. Geometric designs, in bold but warm colors, add texture to the space. Dark woods and carved wood in the furniture finish off the design with rich detail.

Modern Indian designs use these concepts a bit more sparingly and place heavy color and patterns against a neutral background like a cement-look floor or white painted walls.


This design has unprecedented popularity at the moment. It is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a sort of functional elegance. Natural light is a must have and color palettes are light neutrals.

Lightly-grained wood or wood-look tile throughout the house is a common feature. The furniture and décor are spare and angular.

Moroccan style bathroom
Color Wave in Purple Magic 1 x 1 mosaic

English Country

This inviting classic is homey with an edge of ornamental eclectic. The color palette is generally darker neutrals with lots of brown and sometimes pastels. Floral patterns and toile is popular with some stripes thrown in for good measure.

Wallpaper or patterned tile on the walls is a must. Décor might include china plates, embroidery details, crystal chandeliers, landscape paintings, and plenty of cushions a’ la Pride and Prejudice.

Check out more design styles from around the world here.


Middle Eastern styles like Moroccan use vibrant colors traditional geometric patterns, and interesting contrasts. Much of the color and texture in Moroccan is taken from the surrounding desert: golden yellows, ruddy browns, and sunset oranges. Patina is a must on metals.

It wouldn’t be Moroccan without mosaics! Accents and even entire walls of tiny tiles are right at home in any room of the house. Elegantly shaped tiles like lanterns are also a beautiful addition that doesn’t overwhelm the boldness of Moroccan style.


The region of Italy that this style hails from is defined by rustic and homey, sunshine and stone. Beamed ceilings and plastered walls mean that texture is very important to this style. Wrought iron is a must even if in a few accents. The color palette is ranges from warm whites to caramel browns. Old world details and damask type fabrics soften the otherwise hard features of Tuscan design.

No Tuscan design is complete without some stone. Travertine comes from this region and is a favorite for its warm color and natural rusticity. A smooth-veined granite or brown marble would never be out of place either.


More commonly known as Beach or Tropical style, this design is light and airy, which reflects that casual island feel. Bright colors like green, blue, coral, and light browns against bright whites are perfect for a tropical feel. Open floor plans and big windows are good starting points. Large floral prints and stripes are popular choices for patterns.

Hard surfaces like wood or tile with durable rattan rugs are must haves. Organic elements like driftwood and seashells, or even tropical greenery make good accent décor.

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