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Daring Backsplash Tile for Kitchens

Posted by Daltile Team on May 16, 2017 10:30:00 AM

glass tile on the backsplash
Amity in Grey random linear mosaic on the backsplash

Backsplash tile for kitchens comes in seemingly limitless daring options—no matter how adventurous your idea of daring is. The right bold backsplash can be the center of this busy room's entire scheme. For inspiration, explore the following five very different backsplash ideas, which include options that range from an ultramodern high-gloss black design to a stylishly sunny white-and-yellow blacksplash:

1. Bold and Black

Black backsplash tile looks great when used in an ultramodern space. For instance, if you're looking for a contemporary minimalist effect, the Annapolis in Black bevel can initiate it. This larger subway wall tile reduces grout lines, which can be beneficial in spaces with overly high ceilings and far-reaching countertops. Remember to check out its coordinating trim in order to add pristine edges and corners to your design.

On the other hand, if you're looking to update a country kitchen that features primarily wood fixtures or furnishings, the bold outline of a black backsplash and countertop can modernize its wood surroundings. If you decide to go with a black backsplash, you should also consider pairing it with a light, medium, or dark gray floor tile to pull it together. The Bee HIve line offers a 20 x 24 hexagon tile in several shades of grey and is anything but ordinary.

2. Multicolored

If you have a bold design, or your neutral design needs a pop of color, consider going with a multicolored backsplash tile. For example, bright-colored mosaic tile can brighten up a space and add dimension. Rather than trying to come up with a color scheme from scratch, base the whole design around the right mosaic tile. For instance, City Lights mosaic tile oozes with visual drama and sparkle.

Metallica in Brushed Stainless Steel 3/4" rounds

3. Neutral

The right neutral backsplash won't disappoint when you add color to the room through the accessories you choose. For instance, how about a glass mosaic or metallic tile with a mirrorlike finish from the Metallica line? The reflected light from these tiles make them ideal for darker rooms.

4. White, Gray, Green, and Sunny

Is there a more cheery, uplifting color than sunny yellow? To brighten and add airiness to your space, pair a yellow backsplash with clean white cabinets, and then soften the atmosphere with gray floor tile. Specifically, bright blue accents pop against the yellow backdrop for maximum contrast. Alternatively, couple mellow golden-yellow with modern browns and grays for a more Zenlike vibe.

A pop of bright green can also organically rejuvenate a room. You've most likely seen shades of green all over your favorite decor websites. Spring shades of green range from delicate yellow-green to vivid algae. If you're going for all-out zing, boost your favorite green with a contrasting color, purple, or punchy primary red.

If you're renovating your kitchen, or contemplating making some updates, consider using one of these five ideas in regard to backsplash tile for kitchens. When you're feeling inspired, visit a Daltile dealer near you to check out all of your options.

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