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Counting Down the Days: Advent Calendars You Can Make Now

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 2, 2015 10:30:00 AM

A German Protestant had the right idea when he converted chalk marks on doors to little boxes with doors that opened up to pieces of chocolate. There’s nothing more fun than counting down the days before Christmas unless it’s getting a piece of chocolate every day to do so.

The Advent calendar has evolved over the years to include all sorts of creative renditions. If you don’t have an Advent calendar in your home yet, here are a few ideas for some you can make today. Photo courtesy of Dollar Photo Club and full image

Gather 25 ornaments and number them. Then place one on the tree each day.

Paper chains are the simplest Advent calendars there are. Or you can do a variation and make a chain of gifts or other items that can be removed one by one.

A pin board with numbered cards can have a thought on the back for you to share. Or you can leave a clue on each one that points the way to a special treat.

A garland made of clothes line and either little mittens or baby socks make great calendars. You can stuff the number inside the mitten or sock or place goodies inside. Another fun variation is a bunting made with seasonal paper.

Fashion a tree out of a series of paper bags, take out boxes, or envelopes to be discovered day by day.

Place 25 small gifts under the tree to be unwrapped daily.

Make a treasure hunt that spans the entire 25 days with one clue each day until you finally reach the prize at the end.

Attach numbers to pom poms and fill a special jar. Everyone will have fun digging through all the pom poms until you find the right number.

Create a tiny village out of small cardboard boxes that grows everyday as you place a new building.

Matchboxes arranged as a chest of drawers can be pulled out to reveal a little message. Paint a design on the ends of the arranged matchboxes to dress it up a bit.

Classic peek-a-boo windows that reveal a chocolate can be found in most stores around the holidays. Admit it, you never fully outgrow this type of fun.

Number your favorites from a button collection to decorate a small paper tree.Tile Advent Calendar

Gather tiny containers that you can dress up as candy bowls your family can raid day by day.

Collect empty toilet paper rolls, cover one end with paper and a number then arrange in the shape of a house. Punch out the front of one roll every day.

If you have Lego fans at your house, look for Lego’s Advent calendar. They have two: a Lego house version and a pirate version.

Eat your calendar over the course of the month with an edible advent calendar. Maybe you have a different type of cookie each day or some other type of yummy edible to enjoy.

Once you start thinking about all the ways you can tick the days off the calendar, you’ll probably come up with some fun ideas all your own.

Here’s one we came up with. The tile advent calendar!

As lovers of the Advent calendar, we’d love to hear your ideas. Leave them in the comments below.

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