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Consider Beveled Subway Tile for a New Take on Classic Style

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 27, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Subway tile derives its name from the white brick tiles placed in New York City subway stations during the early 1900s. This clean, easy-to-maintain, classic style has since become popular in homes and restaurants. Today, a variety of subway tile designs, including beveled subway tile, can be used to lend a retro feel to any room. The white brick shapes are also versatile enough for transitional and contemporary kitchens and baths where clean, simple lines are preferred.Rittenhouse Square in Biscuit 3 x 6 bevel

Modern takes on subway tiles have further extended their popularity. Expanded options have taken the basic 3 x 6 pattern and opened up a whole new level of design compatibility. If you love this classic look, but prefer to add a little something extra to the timeless white brick design, you may want to consider one of the latest beveled subway tile styles. Here are some inspirational ideas to help you get started on your design.

Use Beveled Subway Tile for Added Wall Texture

Beveled tiles can be incorporated in both kitchen and bathroom designs, primarily serving as backsplash, shower, and wall decor. The difference between a beveled subway tile and the original, flat, brick shape is a gentle slope down to the edges. Often, this slope adds just enough enhancement to increase the depth of the design. The texture also makes the tile pop to make it more noticeable. Like classic subway tiles, beveled tiles are available in a variety of color options. You may find yourself selecting a beveled-edge design to simply project a slight differentiation from the classic white style. Or you may prefer to use a beveled tile to create an entirely new pattern or color arrangement with only a slight hint of the original subway tile design. The options are nearly limitless.

Go with Colored Beveled Tile for a Modern Look

Although white is the most conventional subway tile color, it's possible to purchase beveled tiles in a range of neutrals and bright solids. Color can add a modern touch to the original subway tile design concept. Even a slight color variation, such as replacing the white tiles with a biscuit or gray color, is often enough of a change to create an updated, more modern look. Brighter, bolder shades are another contemporary option. For example, the variety of colorful selections featured in the Natural Hues line offer an updated, modern take on white beveled subway tile. You can also add sophistication and drama to your kitchen or bath with the modern color schemes featured in the Rittenhouse Square beveled subway tile selections. In addition to tile color, you can also utilize the grout color you choose to create a different and trendy look. For example, rather than matching white grout with white tile, break up the flow of a brick-joint pattern by opting for a darker grout color. This will outline the individual tiles, help them pop, and give you a design that's slightly different from the classic subway tile look.Rittenhouse Square in White 3 x 6 bevel on the wall with cove base in black and black and white Keystones on the floor

Play with Beveled Subway Tile Patterns

Rather than placing beveled tile in the most common brick-joint pattern, a unique arrangement can produce a variety of interesting new patterns. For example, a vertical brick pattern looks spectacular when used as a sink-to-ceiling backsplash in the bathroom, and will give you the added benefit of opening up the space by making the walls appear taller. You can also arrange 3 x 6 brick-shaped tiles into a chevron or herringbone pattern for a more dramatic look.

Mix and Match Multiple Different Colors

Mixing colors may seem like a challenge, but with some advanced planning you can design a multicolored layout that works in almost any setting. Strategically placing a row of black beveled tiles within a white wall, for example, may add enough drama to a small, simple bathroom. For larger rooms, showers, and extended kitchen backsplashes, horizontal or vertical stripes of contrasting neutrals (such as darker beige and almond colors) can add depth without overwhelming a room. Another option is to place a colored border of beveled subway tiles at the height of a chair rail.

Select the Right Beveled Subway Tile Finish

Another characteristic to consider when working with beveled subway tiles is the finish. Traditional subway tiles tend to have a glossy, shiny finish, which will reflect light. However, recently, matte finishes have also become popular. Matte-finished subway tile can present a beautiful look if you desire a more understated backsplash or accent wall. The flatter finish creates a more casual yet contemporary look, which may be a better fit for the design you're going for.

Design a Kitchen Backsplash Using Beveled Subway Tiles

Beveled subway tiles look great when they're used to update your kitchen backsplash. Paired with white cabinets, a white beveled tile creates a seamless flow down to the countertops. In this case, the beveled edge adds just enough movement to help you avoid a monochromatic look that may appear too flat or stark for your space. Colored beveled subway tile can also be used to add a pop of effortless color to an all-white kitchen.Rittenhouse Square in Architectural Grey and Almond 3 x 6 in a vertical pattern

Add Beveled Subway Tiles to Your Bathroom

If you love a bathroom with clean, simple lines, subway tiles are an excellent choice to help protect your walls from dampness and humidity. Beveled subway tiles can be used to frame out your shower or differentiate sections of your bathroom. Incorporating it on the wall, from the floor to the ceiling, can also brighten up a small area. If you're going for a modern, but classic, look, try opting for contrasting black and white beveled subway tiles around the vanity area.

Cover Walls with Beveled Subway Tiles

If you're looking for added texture on your walls, but still want to maintain a classic, streamlined look, consider using beveled subway tiles on the walls. Wall tile works well in high-moisture areas, and is a great way to add an unexpected element to a space. Colorful beveled tiles can turn an empty wall space into a dramatic-looking focal point.

Adding a beveled edge to subway tile adds a fresh, modern twist to a timeless classic. Beveled subway tile can be placed throughout the home for a clean, charming look that you, and anyone who enters your home, will enjoy.

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