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Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 11, 2015 10:30:00 AM

What’s Hot in 2016

Beehive in Taupe

The trends in commercial design for 2016 will see some old favorites along with a healthy dose of the new and interesting. We talked to Ginga Guidroz of the Daltile Design Studio in Dallas to get an idea of what she’s seeing and what she predicts for the commercial market in the coming year.

Large Format

Big tile is hot, in fact, the bigger the better. 12 x 24 is a favorite from past years that will remain, but the larger 24 x 48 is gaining momentum. The larger spaces in commercial design like foyers and common areas demand tile that can handle spaciousness without making the flooring or walls look too busy.

Large format tiles in enduring stone-looks answer that demand. They have the sleek, clean look that commercial designers love to incorporate, but they also have a staying power that grounds them in timeless design.

Coordinating Accents

Large spaces need highlights and accents to keep things interesting throughout. Many designers will use the same tile in different sizes, finishes, and shapes to create patterns on the floors and walls that add interest to the design.

It’s sort of a modular approach where designers have access to a tile line that has colors, shapes and sizes that all work together effortlessly. It takes a simple floor to the next level and is an easy way to achieve a higher-end look without adding too much to the budget.


There is a growing demand for shaped tiles in large formats. Tiles with shape also add interest to a simple design. For instance, Daltile’s recently launched Bee Hive™ is a 20 x 24 hex tile that is a perfect match for commercial spaces. “It has a little contemporary edginess, but still is grounded in traditional colors and textures” says Guidroz.

Planks, especially in wood-look tile, are another great match for commercial application. They offer the warm and inviting look of wood, but stand up to the foot traffic. They are also much easier to maintain than hardwood.

Ambassador in Global Grey 24 x 48 on the floor 12 x 24 on the desk front with wood-look plank tile on the wallColor

Schools, restaurants, retail spaces, and healthcare designs are going back to colors. These spaces need the energy that color brings.

Ultra-durable, basic tile in an array of bright or pastel colors is top-of-mind for many commercial designers striving to transform these spaces into inspirational areas that bring energy and life to the people who walk the halls day in and day out.


All things clean and sleek are the name of the game in commercial design. Guidroz says “We move a lot of tile that is solid color and low variation. This reflects the transitional styling that’s popular in commercial spaces.”

Daltile’s new porcelain collection, Stone Attaché™, is a great fit because it is all that plus a large format. The enduring look of a smooth quartzite or sandstone achieves a high-end look and delivers excellent durability.

Exterior to Interior

Any tile that can move from outside a commercial building and continue into the interior is in high-demand. “Even if you have to change the finish for the exterior, tiles that go both places are hot” says Guidroz.

Designers want to set the mood for their sleek interior designs before the clients ever enter the building. It makes the entire building’s design cohesive and that’s ideal for commercial design in 2016.


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