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Commercial Tile that’s High Style

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 13, 2017 1:02:00 PM

Delivering Urban Industrial Look with Mega Durability

Ceramic tile that stands up to the demands of a commercial space but delivers style too is a necessity for today’s high-design spaces. Meet, Ironcraft, the commercial tile that does both without breaking a sweat.

Ironcraft commercial tile on the wallIroncraft in Charcoal Grey and Rusted Bronze light polished

Ironcraft celebrates the roots of the industrial craftsman era. This porcelain tile that looks like cement, appears to have been finished with a sweep of the steel brush. It also has the look of metal shavings burnished into the surface for a tile that belongs in an urban or industrial setting—or one that aims for that type of feel.

Laura Grilli, senior manager of Product Development at Daltile, and her team saw an aged mirror in an antique market in Italy and started to think about how to develop a similar effect on tile. The vision of a matte tile that is interrupted by brush strokes and a metallic sheen presented a challenge that required some extra work. How did they do it?

“Easy,” says Grilli. “We purchased a machine—the only one in the U.S.—that would give us the look we were going for. It’s not a traditional metal glaze or metallic ink, but it recreates the metal look perfectly.”

Ironcraft commercial tile on the floor and wallsIroncraft in Charcoal Grey and Rusted Bronze light polished

Not only does the tile look great, but it’s ColorBody™ porcelain too. “There’s nothing better for a high-traffic area than ColorBody™ porcelain,” says Linda Flaherty, senior manager of Product at Daltile. “It maintains the color of the surface all the way through the tile, so if you ever did have a scratch or chip in the tile, it wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb.”

The durable, stylish series is unique and stands out in the commercial ceramic tile market. It comes in two large format sizes and complimenting 2 x 2 mosaics. The industrial-influenced colors make up a perfect commercial tile palette to work from.

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