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Channeling the Property Brothers for Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 29, 2015 8:30:00 PM

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Jonathan and Drew Scott make it look so easy! But a kitchen remodel is more than it seems on the surface. With a few secrets and tips from your favorite set of twins, you can revamp your kitchen with as much finesse as the Property Brothers. Here are a few tips the brothers revealed on the Today show with Kathlie Lee and Hoda.


Does your kitchen seem completely dysfunctional? Ready to gut it and start over? Before you start swinging your sledge hammer, take a moment to think like Drew. He might tell you to look a little closer to see the potential in the bones of the kitchen.

Most kitchens are workable if you just rethink your use of space. There’s a lot more counter space if you get stuff off the counter that doesn’t need to be there. The first thing the Scott brothers might tell you doesn’t even require a loan or a contractor.

Here’s a few tips that will help you make better use of the space you have.

Look for Opportunities

What does your kitchen offer that you currently aren’t taking advantage of? Change your perspective and save all kinds of money and time.  The opportunities in your kitchen are right before your eyes if you’ll just look.

Jonathan is fond of encouraging homeowners to hang items instead of allowing them to take up other valuable space in the kitchen.  Use a rod and hooks to hang your most used tools like spatulas, ladles, and slotted spoons. Hang pots from an overhead rack over the island, or rod over the cooktop.

Use Unused SpaceBacksplash features Urban Metals Bronze 1 x 2 brick joint pattern with tumbled marble in Baja Cream in 4 x 4 in a diagonal pattern.

There are lots of spots in your kitchen that have potential that you might overlook. There is space between the door of your cabinet and the shelves of your cabinet where you can hang items.

Put up a magnet strip to hang small bottles. A simple rod and hooks can work for hanging things in this area as well.

Think outside the box when you shop for accessories to organize your kitchen. You can buy premade kitchen storage solutions for a pretty penny, or you can create your own for much less.

Jonathan and Drew will readily tell you that bathroom accessories are less expensive than kitchen accessories and you can save a bundle by going with bathroom towel racks over kitchen hanging rods or shower curtain hooks over specially made kitchen hooks. Use tension rods vertically in cupboards to separate baking sheets instead of expensive kitchen organizers.  

What other opportunities will help you transform your kitchen? Think of your kitchen differently and you may find that you don’t need a total remodel after all.

Photo features Yorkwood Manor in Pecan 6 x 36 planks.


Of course you love the look of a chandelier over the dining table or kitchen island. But Jonathan and Drew would encourage you to consider other, less expensive, options.

Enter the pendant light. They cost much less but give you the same task lighting that you’re going for.

Upgrade the lighting even more with a dimmer switch. This is a super easy addition that can really take the lighting up a notch. You can even get switches that you can control from your phone.

Cabinets and Floor

If you have those outdated stained oak cabinets, Jonathan and Drew totally understand your desire to get rid of them. But Jonathan would tell you to consider updating existing cabinets with some paint instead of starting over. Use an oil-based paint and spray it on or roll it on for good coverage and a nice finish.

There are lots of other options for updating your cabinets. Remove the back panel on cabinets and replace with glass to make a display case or simply paint the back panel in a different color. Take off doors for an open shelving feel or replace doors with glass doors.

Freshen up floors with simple fixes as well. Hardwood floors can be expensive to refinish. If you have engineered wood floors, it may not even be an option to refinish. A more effective fix might be to paint your floors. Use an oil-based deck paint. It will last a long time and look great.

Tile is a great option for a floor update. It is long lasting, durable, and a fantastic choice to build your new kitchen on. You can get stone or wood-look tile for an upscale design without the extra costs and maintenance of actual wood or stone.

Photo features tumbled marble in Baja Cream 1 x 1 mosaic with Fahsion Accent in Crossroads White 3 x 9 decorative accent.


Jonathan and Drew will be the first to tell you that putting in some sweat equity can save you money on a renovation. Unlike the TV shows, you won’t have Jonathan around to supervise your efforts, so it’s best to carefully pick your DIY projects.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but Drew used to get his hands dirty back in the day so no one knows better when to call in the experts. He says that if you don’t know what you’re doing and you have to call a pro to ask how to do something, you’re better off just hiring it out.

If you’re going to mess with electricity, turn off the power. If you’re fiddling with plumbing, turn off the water. Safety first. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t guess or you may end up costing yourself extra time and money.


Let Daltile help you take the first step toward a Property Brothers-worthy remodel. Get in touch today!

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