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Building a Design around a Favorite Object

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM

It happened one day when you stopped by your favorite boutique—that cushion, bookend or piece of art caught your eye and started you thinking. Before you knew it, you had revised your whole design vision. And all because that one object inspired you.

“It actually happens a lot more than you might think,” says Sara Morales, product designer at Daltile and talented interior designer on her own time. “One pattern, color combination or unique object inspires a homeowner and they bring it to the designer. The next thing you know, a whole scheme has evolved from one random object.”

Many designers appreciate being given a clear direction and free reign to use their creativity to come up with several options surrounding a favorite item.

We recently asked Sara Morales to join us at a Daltile Design Studio to see how this process works. With random items spread out over the table, she immediately started sorting through them talking us through the possibilities. Then she walked through the Studio gathering tile samples to create designs to go with each item. Here are the results. And some things we learned from Sara along the way.

Superhero inspired tile combination 

Tile from the bottom: Color Wave 3 x 6 in Midnight Black, top left: Kimona Silk in Panda Black, top right: ONE Quartz Surfaces Nature Flecks in Statuary and at center: Retro Rounds in Daffodil Yellow

Sara says, “fabric looks have become really popular again because of the advances in technology that make their textures so believable. We’ve been creating more intricate and realistic looking fabric-look tile in the last five years and Kimona Silk is one of the favorites. In this combination, it balances the high-gloss tiles and becomes a complement to the satin finish on the ONE Quartz Surface.”

Teapot inspired tile combination

Tile at bottom left: Skybridge in Gray, tile at top: River Marble in Smoky River, natural stone slab at center left: Granite in Fantasy Brown and mosaic tile at center: Jewel Tide in Silver Shore

Sara says, “dark and light combos tend to open up a space, whereas all light colors can close it up. Playing with contrast will draw the eye.”

Nautical inspired tile combination

Slab at bottom left: ONE Quartz Nature Flecks in Calacatta, tile at top left: Semi-Gloss in Galaxy 4 x 4, field tile: Linden Point in Bianco and mosaic tile at center: Color Wave in Winter Blues

Sara says, “use the same floor tile throughout the house or it ends up looking like a remodel done in phases. You can change it up by using a different pattern or different sizes in areas you want to look different like the foyer. You can also use the same wall tile and change up the floor. Your home is like your family—many different personalities but one cohesive family.”


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