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Black Granite Countertops: Dazzle a Dull Space

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 28, 2017 10:32:00 AM

Granite in Volga Blueon the countertop

Black granite countertops are perfect for creating stellar kitchen and bathroom spaces. This dependable stone is as beautiful as it is resilient. It will not only give your room a substantially noticeable face-lift, but it will also boost the overall value of your home. After all, a granite countertop is a long-term investment because this beautiful new addition will add elegance that holds value and can last a lifetime. Here are some tips to keep in mind when adding black granite to your design.

Consider Your Lighting

A black granite countertop needs an ample amount of light to be displayed to its greatest potential. Proper lighting gives the granite a mirrorlike effect and promotes a beautiful shine. Rooms with large windows are advantageous settings for granite countertops due to the high amount of natural light they allow. This is especially true if the black granite you decide on features specks of shimmer. For instance, the Granite Collection in Galaxy Black features a deep-black color with white and silver specks throughout. These specks add an extra flair and create a dazzling show when the light hits your countertop just right.

If your kitchen or bathroom is without a good source of natural light, there are still ways to get the most out of your black granite countertops by supplying artificial light. For instance, under-cabinet lighting is effective in creating a beautiful display while eliminating the shadows cast by your cabinets. Always remember that adequate lighting is crucial to making the most of spectacular black granite.

DT_IonMetal_RES_01_CU04.jpgMarron Cohiba Granite on the countertop withtumbled slate mosaics in Copper and Ion Metals accents in Rubbed Bronze

Pair It with Lighter Colors

If you're looking to make a bold statement, black granite countertops are the answer. However, these countertops may make the rest of your kitchen or bathroom appear darker than it actually is, so carefully consider the colors of your existing fixtures when planning your overhaul. The trick to making your black granite countertops pop is to pair them with light-colored fixtures. White cabinets work well when it comes to creating a bright and balanced color scheme against a black top. If white cabinets aren't your style, you can still create a stunning display by blending light shades of wood and dark granite.

Don't Forget to Use Accents

Black granite options like Fuji Black look great on their own. But you can create even more beauty by adding accents throughout your space. For instance, attaching black hardware to your light-colored cabinets can help tie the design together, and an attractive tile backsplash is another great way to make your countertop fit into your overall design. Get creative and blend light and dark shades of color in the area between your black granite countertops and light-colored cabinets. Chances are that you'll be amazed by the beauty your final design offers. Pairing your countertops with other attractive accent elements is key to designing an elegant, modern kitchen or bathroom.

When adding black granite countertops to your design, start to plan the look you're going for with these inspirational tips. When you're ready to make decisions, stop by your nearest Daltile showroom to get started.

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