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Bathroom Designs that Keep Kids Safe

Posted by Daltile Team on Jan 8, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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The bathroom is a veritable disaster area waiting to happen when there are kids in the house. The kids figure out those “child-safe” knob covers and cabinet locks long before you do, so here are some other ideas that will help you modify your bathroom’s design with safety in mind.

Prevent Falls

Have you ever tried to teach a child not to run on slippery surfaces or to stay seated while in the tub? Success is rare. Instead, consider materials that decrease the hazard like textured floor tile and plenty of rubber-backed mats.

Ending Burns

The burn hazard in the bathroom is much greater than you might realize. Hot water heaters should be set at or below 120 degrees F. Curling irons and hairdryers can be placed out of reach. In fact, store all electronic devices and appliances out of reach in bathrooms the kids.

Think about installing electrical outlets and shelving or nooks up higher out of the reach of children. Look around for storage systems that help you effectively store potentially dangerous items where children can’t get them.

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Stop Poisoning

From cleaning supplies to medications, the bathroom is full of chemicals that are potentially dangerous to children. Even soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes can warrant a call to poison control. Lock up all medications, or even better, don’t keep medications anywhere children will have access to them. Use childproof lids and install latches up high on closets to provide a safe place to store these items.

Children are notorious climbers so if you have a linen closet in your bathroom, remove lower shelves or make lower shelves less deep to discourage climbing.

Avoid Water Accidents

The room sometimes called the water closet is a hazard for drowning. Attend children while they shower or bathe and make sure the tub is drained before you leave the room. Consider a toilet lock to keep curious toddlers away.

A walk-in shower with drainage that doesn’t plug might be the safest way to bathe children. Convert kids to showers as soon as they are old enough.

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