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Soap Dish to Corner Shelf: Finishing Details in the Bathroom

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Bathtub corner tile plays an important role when you're planning the bathtub of your dreams, so why not make it extra special by using natural stone components? Natural stone adds richness and elegance to this essential part of the home. While the tub surround's corners often get overlooked, they're an integral part of the fixture's design.

Soap dish in travertine from the Bath Accessories Collection with tumbled travertine tile in the shower

Whether you're a weekend do-it-yourselfer who confidently handles natural stone tile or mosaics, or someone who plans to hire a professional to oversee a sensational slab project, you can always benefit from a few pointers beforehand. To maximize the potential of your design, here are three key points to keep in mind:

1. Pick the Right Details

Natural stone isn't just about slabs and field tile; you have a world of coordinating parts and products to finish off the design of your bathtub surround. Whether your tub is set into a three-sided alcove or it commands just one corner of the room, it's the focal point. Make the most of its lofty position by taking time to peruse your stone options, including slab and tile materials, and coordinating details, such as edge treatments, complementary medallions, borders, and inside and outside corner trim. These finishing details are the difference between a bathroom that's simply sufficient and one that is extraordinarily detailed.

2. Design Neat and Tidy Corners

You can easily (and sneakily) remake a child's bed to straighten the bedding and correct the corner folds. But when placing tile, it's best to get it right the first time. The art of getting tile runs straight is lost, however, if they don't neatly line up where the walls turn. And, depending on your design, there may be numerous corners and edges to consider, such as each angle along a drop-in tub's stone platform. Bathtub corner tile can help disguise slight imperfections, and the right material can make edges look neater. These details also add definition to your bathtub, making it a focal point of the space.

3. Consider Adding a Corner Shelf

It doesn't matter if your tub is a standalone unit or a two-in-one bathtub and shower fixture; with smartly planned shelves, the space will be more efficient. For a perfect match, make shelves out of the same tile you're using to build the surround, and cut and place corner shelves at heights that make sense for your bathing needs. There are also manufactured corner shelves that are available in a variety of materials to match or add contrast to the rest of your design. Another alternative option is to build a properly sloped shelf into the wall. Outside-corner trim, such as bullnose tile with neatly rounded edges, comes in handy here, letting water effortlessly spill from the recessed niche and down to the drain.

When designing a natural stone bathtub, consider adding corner tile to complete the design. When you're ready to check out your tile options and get face-to-face advice, visit your local Daltile stone showroom.

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