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Adding a Travertine Floor to Any Room

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 1, 2017 11:05:40 AM

DTN_Travertine_PetrifiedForest_RES_01_H.jpgTravertine in Petrified Forest on the floor

Why save a travertine floor for only the kitchen or bathroom? When you have the right tile and a good design plan, you can put travertine in any room of your home to create a stunning overall look. Here are some inspirational ideas that go beyond the norm.

Play with Patterns and Colors

Have you always thought of a travertine floor as only being appropriate for the kitchen and bathroom? After you see Heathland tiles, you'll likely think again. These tiles are made of ceramic, a material that's easy to cut and shape, but they're designed to look exactly like travertine stone. They come complete with authentic-looking shading and striations, and they're available in simple square and rectangular shapes so you can play around with different patterns. They can be used to design a decorative backsplash around a bar area or a stunning fireplace surround that would look perfect against a matching tile floor. You can also put them on the floor of your entryway to create a superb first impression for every guest who walks through the door.

Dress Your Bedroom in Elegance

The soothing, neutral colors of stone are perfect for any bedroom. For instance, consider using Stratford Place tiles to turn the space into an elegant oasis. Delicate shading and bands of color run through each piece of tile to give you the look of travertine stone alongside the easy maintenance of ceramic tile. This versatile tile can be used on the floor or the wall, which allows you to create a truly stunning design that features multiple textures. If you use it on the floor, add a tile accent wall or a multicolored accent strip of tile to play off the sweeping tile floor.

DTVegas-669_600.jpgTravertine in Durango on the floor. Photo credit: THE NEW AMERICAN HOME

Make It Memorable

The best designs are those that are memorable—the ones that people gush over, tell their friends about, and ultimately hope to copy. Create that design in your home with Alessi glazed porcelain tile, which is another option for achieving the look of a luxurious travertine floor. Put it in your living room, dining room, or family room, and give your design a beautiful and elegant foundation. Available in three colors that vary from light to dark, each one of these tiles is carefully made with subtle details and slight shading variations that perfectly capture the look of natural travertine. Glazed porcelain tiles are also easy to care for and stand up to moisture, wear, dirt, and heavy use.

Design a Dream Space

You can use the look of natural stone to elevate the design in any area of your home. For example, consider placing tile from the Travertine Collection in your basement, in your outdoor area, or anywhere else you want to add beauty. The gorgeous natural colors and delicate veining featured in each stone will make a stunning impression anywhere. Choose your tiles individually based on the pattern and colors you like, and keep in mind that because it's natural stone, every tile will be unique.

Whether it's made of real stone or just looks like it, travertine tile is a stunning way to show off your design skills in any room of your home. Stop by a Daltile showroom or stone center today to check out your options.

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