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Adapting a Single Timeless Look for 5 Different Hotels

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 3, 2015 7:30:00 PM

Daring By Design and Daltile Team Up for Hyatt House Hotels

Slate Radiance in Cactus staggered random mosaic

When an ownership group of five of the Hyatt House Hotels approached Daring by Design of Boca Raton, FL, they had a unique challenge. They needed to create a single design that could be implemented in four different cities in the U.S. and work around different architecture and exterior design.

The Hyatt House concept is for extended stay guests and that needed to be considered in the design as well. Dale Miller, President and Chief Creative Officer, told us, “we never lost sight of the fact that these are extended stay hotels so we were designing for a home away from home.” They went for a design that incorporated classic looks with warm, rich colors that would welcome guests and make them feel at home.

On top of all that, Dale and her team wanted to create a local flavor in each of the hotels that made each design unique. Here’s how they combined each of the elements into a coherent whole.

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Creating a Single, Flexible Design

Each of the hotels had a similar layout, but some unique elements as well. For instance, a hotel in Irving, TX had one long thoroughfare from the front door to the back. Some had isolated their dining rooms and others had a dining space right in the heart of the hotel public space.

Recent Hyatt brand standard changes, like 24/7 coffee and tea service and a bar, introduced opportunities to adjust the design to these functional features. In fact, functionality figured into the design in a big way. It needed to be a space that embraced a growing demand for extended stay hotels and their amenities. Dale illustrates this, “It was a space that needed to accommodate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was a space where business people could meet formally, friends could socialize, and families could play.”

Floor covered with Terrace in Cherry 6 x 36 planks

A classic design was the perfect fit not only for all of the locations, but for the Hyatt House brand standards as well.

The Daring by Design team selected Daltile materials that created a workable color palette and homey feel that could easily transfer from one location to the next. Tile was also a practical solution because it is very easy to maintain. Selections included:

  • Giallo Napoleone granite on the bar, in the dining areas, and at the reception desk
  • Terrace™ in Cherry 6 x 36 planks on the floors

Though each hotel had quirky details all its own, Dale and her team were able to rework the spaces to become more universal, but flexible for a growing market.

Creating a Home Away from Home

Coming up with a design that gave the sense of the comforts of home was always at the forefront of the creative process. The team used warm, comfortable colors like a burnt orange, deep browns, and natural greens to create a sense of hominess. The use of wood-look tile and the stone and glass mosaic set an easy, natural tone. Dale commented on Slate Radiance “it had a textural quality that we really loved. It has natural slate, it has glass—some of the glass is polished, some of the glass is matte. It’s a random design. It had beautiful coloration.” It was the starting point that inspired selection of all the accessories and furniture.

Color is often the centerpiece for design at Daring by Design. They study color and how it affects people’s moods. And it was no different during this project. The color palette was strongly influenced by the idea that earth tones, especially that burnt orange color, stimulates appetite.

And that wasn’t the only psychology to go into the design. Hospitality design must also take into account the general psychology of the hotel’s clientele demographics—their age, economic group, etc. Extended stay hotels have some of the most diverse clientele, which was why a flexible design was so important.

Floor features Terrace in Cherry

Introducing Local Flavor

Dale and her team turned to the history of each location to take inspiration for introducing the local element into the design. They commissioned art for the walls that drew on icons of each area, like oil wells in the Texas locations, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. All the materials used were identical, but the details were what set each hotel apart.

The design included tiled inset boxes that could house décor unique to each location. The 1 x 1 dusty green mosaic was basic enough to work with many types of décor pieces but still draws attention.

Decorative cubby for local artistic flair.

The Irving location has a unique design where from the front door guests can see right through the back door and into a garden. Daring by Design employed the wood-look planks from front to back to draw the eye out into the garden. The wood-look, and slate mosaic supported the notion of bringing the outdoors in, and the indoors out. The planks and linear mosaic gave movement to the room that enticed guests to explore all the hotel had to offer from the front door all the way to the back.

Giallo Napoleone granite on the bar.

Making Design Timeless

Typically, hotel management aims to refurbish every five years, however, these updates don’t always happen in a timely fashion. That’s why hotel design needs to be timeless. On the other hand, what was a timeless look 10 years ago, is not a timeless look today.

Each of the locations were 10 to 15 years old and needed style updates and brand standard updates. They needed to create a look for the hotels that was timeless and wouldn’t look dated in the future. Dale says “we went for a classical look with earth tones that could maintain an ambiance for a long period of time.”

It was also functionally timeless design. Each of the locations had large octagonal or round buffets that were cumbersome and weren’t in keeping with the timeless look of today. The team streamlined the design and functionality by straightening it out into a 30 foot long buffet. A separate coffee and tea station and bar helped with crowd control and accessibility. The buffet was easily adapted to the different services of the day including late night hors d’oeuvres.

Giallo Napoleone and Slate Radiance on the buffet.

In the end, the design fit seamlessly into each of the locations. The tile selections like the wood-look tile, gave the spaces a homey feel that is at once timeless but updated. The classic style was the perfect launch pad for local flavor and unique art that made each a space unique.

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