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A Fresh Perspective on Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 4, 2015 8:30:00 PM

When the Daltile Design Studio re-opened its doors in New York City in September, it turned over a new leaf in how tile is shown. The organizers of the grand opening wanted to reflect that new sentiment by displaying about-to-be launched tile with a fresh perspective.

Willow Decker, architectural representative, helped develop the concept. She described the new approach, “We found local architectural photographers on Instagram and picked those that we felt represented the vibe of the products that we are launching.”

Kim Albrecht, Daltile brand manager who oversaw the display,paired individual products with prints of the photography. She said, “Some of these pairings are self-explanatory. You can see the shapes, colors, and styles harmonizing into a new work of art instead of two separate entities.”

Take a walk through the exhibit with us and catch a unique vision of these products to be launched in mid-November 2015.

Volume 1.0 in Aural Sand Photo courtesy Ariel Concepcion, AceStyles

This shot, taken by Ariel Concepcion (@AceStyles on Instagram) captures a basic structure yet is anything but basic. The colorful tile-like squares that cover the building take it from simple to complex and leave you wanting a closer look. Willow Decker explained the connection to Daltile product, Volume 1.0™. “It is just a building, but there’s a lot more going on there. Volume 1.0 is a good basic tile, but just like the image, it invites you to take a closer look.”

What will you see when you take a closer look at Volume 1.0? 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 tiles with a soft grey palette inspired by cool concrete. The color variation gives movement and reality to an otherwise traditional tile.

Photo courtesy Ariel Concepcion, AceStyles Haut Monde in Aristocrat Cream

This Ariel Concepcion (AceStyles) image is multi-layered. The more you look at it, the more you see. You can focus on the cityscape in the background, the quiet street, or the chain link fence. But all the elements come together into one cohesive composition.

Haut Monde™ is a porcelain product that also changes the more you look at it. Taking inspiration from sandstone, this warm design provides neutral colors with the graininess and dimension of stone. You must step back from the individual parts that make up the tile to see the beauty of the whole.

Photo courtesy Noe Martinez, newyorkcityarchitecture Dignitary in Notable Beige

The reflection on the tile-esque building by, Noe Martinez (@newyorkcityarchitecture on Instagram) is a clean, linear work of art that gives a sense of the steadiness and longevity of New York City.

Dignitary™ is fashioned after enduring limestone and has that same feel of timelessness. Willow Decker comments, “Dignitary looks like something you would see in the Empire State Building. Something that looks like it’s been there forever; it’s timeless, yet you could put it in a new building and it would look modern and fresh.”

Photo courtesy of Ariel Concepcion, AceStyles and Consulte in Quartzite Embassy Silver

The black and white tones of the photograph quiet the image and calls attention to the structural elements just as Dignitary’s neutral color draws attention to veins and fossil details present in the limestone visual.

This image, by Ariel Concepcion (AceStyles), was selected because of the dramatic yet quiet strength found in old world materials and designs. The picture is of the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, which takes inspiration from the Palace at Versailles in Paris. It’s a little piece of the old world represented in a fresh way.

Consulate™ is similar. It grounds a busy space in the natural and regal. Inspired by European quartzite, this large format tile shows off a rare level of natural looking movement. Just as the image suggests a broader sense of history, Consulate also draws in a heritage with it.  


These are just a few of the new products and photographs that were at the NYC event. As Daltile plans to revamp several showrooms over the next few years, they hope to highlight more local photographers and continue making connections between architectural photography and the artistry showcased in their new tile designs.


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