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9 TV Shows with Notable Kitchen Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 18, 2016 10:30:00 AM

There wasn’t much cooking in the kitchen in Seinfeld, but there were many scenes centered in the kitchen. The Seinfeld kitchen had a 4 x 4” white glazed ceramic tile backsplash. It’s as classic as it gets and hearkens back to another time—and era of sitcoms.Photo credit: Dollar Phot Club and sirikorn_t

June Cleaver’s domain was her comfy kitchen. Leave It to Beaver was one of the first to use the 4 x 4 white glazed ceramic tile on the backsplash. Since this television show was in black and white, it is uncertain what color the tile actually was—probably a beige or off-white.

Another TV kitchen to take advantage of versatile 4 x 4 was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s yet another example of white 4 x 4 on the backsplash. They also had a glazed tile countertop and island.

Two and a Half Men employed a 4 x 4 also, but it brought a pop of color to the backsplash with a bright yellow hue. There was also a random blue and white decorative tile placed over the stove.

The Brady Bunch dispensed with tile altogether and went with exposed brick and an orange and avocado color scheme. Today you can get tile that looks like brick to get the same effect.

Everybody Loves Raymond revolved around two kitchens: Raymond and Debra’s blue tiled countertops and blue and white 4 x 4s in a diamond pattern on the backsplash. And Frank and Marie’s red 3 x 3 tiled counters and backsplash in a grid pattern.

You’d think that more contemporary shows like Modern Family might get a little more creative with tile, but the Dunphy’s kitchen has a 4 x 4” backsplash in a diamond pattern. It does depart from the glazed ceramic theme that many TV shows adhere to: the tile has a travertine-inspired look with varied brown to beige coloring.

The Big Bang Theory keeps with its love of retro by going with a 4 x 4 glazed ceramic tile in grey.

Young & Hungry has cooking in the kitchen at its center. This is the kitchen that gets away from tradition the most with a grey-based mosaic in a 1 x 2” brick-joint pattern.


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