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8 Adorable Holiday Glass Block Crafts

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 12, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Glass blocks are a favorite art deco style that is rare in home and commercial design anymore, but that doesn’t stop anyone from having plenty of fun with glass blocks. Whether you incorporate them into your structure or have caught the glass block craft bug, these unique tile-like staples aren’t going anywhere.

Here are eight ways to use glass blocks as you decorate your home for the holidays.Glass Block in Decora

1.    Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering lets you put a message or picture just about anywhere you want and glass blocks are ideal.

Create a manger scene on several blocks. Recreate a snowy, icy day with a snowflake scene. A forest of pine trees or a snowman are fun too.

Say something with your glass block craft by putting a simple quotation or even a single word on your block. Favorites include things like “believe” or “joy”.

2.    Window

Turn your glass block into a window. You can have a child or gingerbread man peering out. Or you can let it be a view into another magical world.

Use vinyl lettering or paint to create the window frame and trim then decorate as you wish.

3.    Presents

One of the simplest and most popular glass block crafts is turning your block into a present.

Simply wrap a festive ribbon around it and soon you’ll have a present fit to be placed under the Christmas tree.

4.    Photo Frame

Grab your Mod Podge and favorite photo because glass blocks make great free-standing frames. Select a smooth surfaced glass block and glue your photo down before covering it with several coats of Mod Podge.

You can easily change the photo when you have a new favorite to display.

5.    Filling

You can buy craft specific glass blocks with a hole in one side so you can put things inside the block. You can add lighting, tinsel, candy, or anything else you can dream up. Get creative and have fun!

6.    Lighting

Lighting glass blocks from behind or from inside is the best part of this type of craft. Adding lighting is simple and doesn’t require any extra work.

If you have a craft block with an opening, you can add twinkle lights or battery operated candles right inside the block. If you don’t have an opening, it is just as easy to light the block from behind and get the same effect.

7.    Frosting

An alternative to vinyl lettering is frosting the glass. You can find plenty of products at your local craft store to help you achieve that magical frosted look that’s such a natural look for glass.

You might also consider a colored frost option for a little something extra.

8.    Etching

Etching the glass has a similar look to frosting, but is quite permanent so there’s no chance of it getting scraped off or disturbed. It is another alternative to vinyl lettering or painting that adds a hint of winter elegance.

Backlighting etched or frosted glass is very effective. It brings out your designs on the glass and creates a warm glow to accompany your frosty-looking craft.

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