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5 Trends on Their Way Out in 2016

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 26, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Remember MC Hammer pants, scrunchies, and fanny packs? Or are you trying to forget? There have been some interesting trends over the years and some you probably couldn’t wait to get rid of.

Tile is pretty enduring and doesn’t really go out of style. But tile designs do fall in and out of favor occasionally. Here are five trends that might fall by the wayside in 2016 in favor of some newer, hotter trends.

Bee Hive in White, Taupe, Ashtray, Grey 20 x 24


Let’s face it, square tile has been a staple forever and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But, more and more people are turning to rectangular shapes as their basic tile than ever before.

From mosaic sizes right on up to the largest tiles available, rectangular is the choice over square for many homeowners and commercial designers alike.

Additionally, shapes are starting to come into vogue. Diamonds, lanterns, teardrops are all mosaic shapes that are growing in popularity. But the biggest up-and-coming shape is the hexagon. It’s a retro favorite that has come back around for another go but with fresh twists like larger sizes and availability in all kinds of materials.

12 x 12

Along with the classic square tile, the 12 x 12 will never go away completely but many are looking to new sizes as the standard in design in 2016. 12 x 24 is the new 12 x 12.

The 12 x 24 has a classic proportion so it doesn’t stray too far outside the basic 12 x 12, but it also introduces an edginess that transforms designs into something new.

2016 will see more large format tiles available than before. Gigantic 24 x 48 or larger tiles are best for large, open spaces in residential settings or vast commercial offices. But more home-friendly sizes will also be readily available.


Plastic is out. Very few appreciate synthetic in design anymore. Natural is the way things will go in 2016. There will be lots of stone, wood, and handcrafted type looks in design this year.

Marble will take center stage as the queen of stones. Wood will continue to cover floors and start creeping onto the walls. Unique handcrafted accessories and materials will define spaces in all sorts of styles.

Natural design is more accessible than before because of the technology that makes replica materials look so realistic. Tile that looks like stone or wood is created by careful scanning and inkjet printing with genuine results.

Fake Looking StoneConsulate in Quartzite Liason Beige 24 x 24

Making tile that looks like stone started several decades ago and the technology has come a long way since then. The first attempts at stone-look tile are out of trend. There are so many better options available now that homeowners are replacing their old tile in favor of the new inkjet tile.

The larger the stone-look tile you select, the better. A larger tile provides more space to show variations in color and movement for a more realistic the stone-look. Opt for larger formats in neutral colors for the most realistic looking stone-tile.


We are so caught up in watching the many home improvement television shows that sometimes we forget that less is more. Too many homeowners have over-designed their spaces to the extent that they miss the point of designing in the first place.

Simple, sleek style is the order of the day for 2016. A good foundation allows you to tinker with your interior design details without overwhelming your space with too many elements, styles, or trends.


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