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The Multi-Million Dollar Trend You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 27, 2015 6:00:00 AM

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Yorkwood Manor in Deep Walnut

When an ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups and spoons in the late 1800s, he borrowed a waffle from the booth next to him and put the delicious treat inside. It didn’t take long before children gravitated toward the ice cream cone trend. Its big debut at the World’s Fair in 1904 further popularized it but some still thought that it was just a passing fad. More than a century later, life without the ice cream cone is barely imaginable.

However, some other trends have not been as successful as the ice cream cone. Case in point: shag carpet, wood paneling, and olive-green appliances. It’s a trend that you’d probably rather leave in the past along with Woodstock and Watergate. When the “must have” trends of yesterday become woefully dated, it leaves you wondering if your current clients are falling into the same trap. Will the wood-look trend last? Or should you suggest a more tested tile for such a large investment?

Wood-look tile is bringing in millions and sales are expected to double in 2015 as product lines continue to grow and new products are added. We’re pretty sure that wood-look is here to stay.  

This spring, we introduce two newcomers to the lineup. They reflect both the traditional love of wood and the up-and-coming demand for reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old homes, churches, barns, and school houses. It is hard to get and expensive. But no other wood can match the depth, richness, and character of the distressed look. Our new reclaimed wood-look tiles bring this vintage look to your design palette for a more durable and cost-effective wood alternative.


You know what it was like when your mother nagged you not to play on the hardwood floors. She worried that they would get scratched. She lamented every spill and protected that floor like it was a privileged member of the family. Maybe you wished you could move in with the neighbors who had a ceramic floor; where nobody ever stopped you from racing your cars across the kitchen.

Your clients worry about the same things. They want to have floors that look great but worry about keeping them nice. This is why we believe that wood-look tile is here to stay. It gives you the ability to offer your clients ultimate durability plus definitive style.

We already offer 10 wood-look tile lines and just introduced two more. These two new series bring the latest in wood trends, as well as a classic look.

Saddle Brook in Farmhouse

Yorkwood Manor™: Reclaimed Look Wood Tile

Suited for both residential and commercial spaces, Yorkwood Manor is equally as great for boutiques, restaurants, and lobbies as it is for the home. It is the ideal recommendation for high foot traffic applications or anywhere moisture is a concern.

  • Glazed porcelain, 6 x 36 plank size
  • Available in three colors: Pecan, Birchtree, and Deep Walnut
  • Reveal Imaging™ Techology visuals feature cracking paint and water stains

Saddle Brook™: Classic Wood Tile Look

Saddle Brook is excellent in commercial or residential applications. It withstands heavy foot traffic and is a champ in moist environments where wood is simply not an option. The beautiful Reveal Imaging™ Technology makes this one of the most realistic looking tiles on the market.

  • Available in four colors: Farmhouse, Gravel Road, Walnut Creek, and Oak Trail
  • 6 x 36 plank size in a glazed porcelain
  • Reveal Imaging™ Technology for real wood veining and knots

In anticipation of this growing trend, we’ve bolstered our product offering. Each tile is built to last and give you design options that can’t be matched, even by hardwood floors. Check out all our new series for product selections you can confidently recommend to your clients.

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