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4 Holiday Zen Tips for a peaceful Season

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 15, 2016 10:02:55 AM

You love these people, you really do. Blame it on the weather, the small size of the dining room, or that horrible thing Great Aunt Lucy did all those years ago, but sometimes you just can’t stand them, especially during the holidays.

Of all things to stress out about during the holidays, gathering with your loved ones shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a few ideas to keep you sane and help you enjoy time with your family this holiday season.

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The holiday season is defined by traditions, especially if family is coming over. The pressure of having a traditional meal, complete with Brussels sprouts—even though no one eats them, sending greeting cards with a family picture, and executing your grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe to perfection just so everyone can choke down a courtesy piece can quickly become overwhelming.

If you continue to hang on to stressful traditions that you don’t enjoy, it won’t be long before you replace the Thanksgiving turkey with PB and J. No one will throw you in jail for skipping some of the less logical holiday traditions. In fact, your family may thank you.

Holiday Zen Tip:
Write a list of all the things you think you have to do this holiday season. Now add a few pros and cons next to each item. This will help you see things a little more clearly and remind you that you can choose what’s most important and set aside everything else.

Think Positively

After simplifying your list of things to do this holiday season, did you experience that lovely sensation called guilt? Did the looks of disappointed relatives fill your mind’s eye? Did you have a nightmare about your mother disowning you because you decided not to attend the annualChristmas Eve dinner?

It’s time to change your perspective. Instead of wallowing in guilt, imagine how you’ll feel about your simplified holiday season. Yes, there may be disappointment, but your sanity is at least as important as a holiday tradition. Wouldn’t your mother be happy to know that her child is enjoying the season instead of being crushed under the weight of it?

Holiday Zen Tip:
If you still can’t reconcile that guilt, try a new approach: replacement. If you decide to skip the Christmas Eve dinner, offer to have a nice brunch in March instead. If you can’t stand to make the pumpkin pie one more time, promise a decadent chocolate pie from the best bakery in town.

Deal with Negative Feelings

Is it possible that some of your stress stems from toxic relatives or history with someone who has hurt you? Awareness of your deeper feelings can help you manage stressful family situations during the holidays.


The holiday party is not the place to attempt to repair dysfunctional relationships or force reconciliations. Likewise, it is not the time to pretend everything is OK when it isn’t. The key is to focus on your own state of mind. Be aware of your feelings and plan a time to deal with them—sometime in January, when the hustle and bustle is over. Let the holidays be a time of reflection that will prepare you for a healthier new year.

Holiday Zen Tip:
Even though you have less free time in your day than usual, do not skip your yoga session. Take time to exercise and meditate—especially if you find the holidays stressful.

Find Meaning

Adding something to your holiday season that is meaningful to you can help to brighten your outlook. Try spending some time serving food at the local soup kitchen. Collect canned food from the neighborhood for the food bank. Post something you are thankful for every day on Facebook in the month of November. Volunteer at the animal shelter. Attend Midnight Mass. Take an ornament off the Angel Tree.

Whatever it is, it must be important to you. Not something your mother thinks you should do or something for the kids—something that connects you to a greater purpose. You might even involve your family in your endeavor and transform the holidays for good.

Holiday Zen Tip:
Not sure where to find meaningful opportunities? Start with organizations that you already love like your book club, rec center, or even social websites. Try checking in with United Way, Salvation Army, the city, or churches in your area.


Happy Holidays from Daltile!

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