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3 Ways to Deal with the Halloween Candy Hangover

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 31, 2016 3:30:40 PM


You knew that your resolution to sneak only one or two mini-candy bars from your kid’s stash would fail from the beginning. You probably stopped counting by 7pm figuring it was a lost cause.

The result? Now you’re tired, stressed, and generally yucky. That’s because the sugar rush made your pancreas work overtime, which dropped your blood sugar level so quickly that it triggered the release of stress hormones and that meant the yucky feeling you have now plus the crazy urge to stuff more sugar in your face. If you want to see a great illustration of this, check this out.

Here are three approaches to your candy hangover.

Before You Start Eating Candy

It might be too late for this approach to be effective, but file it for next year.

Provide yourself with alternatives that beat the sugar craving but are healthier and have far less sugar.

  • Spiced nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • A bit of dark chocolate (really dark)
  • Popsicles or frozen yogurt
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Smoothies
  • Gum
  • Frozen grapes or other berries

If that Reese’s or other specific candy is still calling your name, these recipes will satisfy your craving.

If you don’t like these, then try only eating candy with your non-dominant hand. Apparently, it will help you reduce your candy intake by 30%--unless you’re ambidextrous.

Another way to regulate candy intake is to eat dessert first! Only eat your candy before dinner and make sure dinner is protein-rich and you’ll minimize the blood sugar crash.

During the Candy Binge

If you are eating another Mounds bar (cause, your kids aren’t going to eat them anyway) as you read this, this section is for you. At least you are thinking ahead a bit—kudos to you!

If you aren’t already at a party, get to one quick! Then dance the rest of the night away. Exercise will help your body process some of the sugar and use up the energy that your body is working so hard to store for you.

Kids already asleep? Put in your headphones and have your own personal dance party. And yes, walking all over the neighborhood trick or treating counts too.

After, in a Pile of Candy Wrappers

You probably didn’t sleep much because all that candy will interfere with your sleep too. What do you do now?

Drink lots of water and eat a good breakfast that’s low in carbs and has a little fat and lots of protein. This will help regulate your blood sugar and make you feel satisfied. The low carb amount will turn on your body’s storage burning mechanism so you can burn off last night’s sugar. Peanut butter, eggs, and cheese are your friends this morning.

Stuff Not to Do

Don’t beat yourself up. Sugar happens. This is a good reminder going into the season of indulgence, aka, the holidays. So learn from your mistakes and move on. This is an exercise in balance.

Don’t eat any more candy. But you knew that already.

Don’t eat a bunch of carbs. Carbs are really what got this problem started in the first place. Take a break and up your carbs and healthy fats while you recover.

Don’t feel bad about getting rid of most, if not all, of the Halloween candy. It’s bad for the kids too. Once they stop crying, you’ll all feel better.

Happy Halloween!

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