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3 Trends You Can’t Afford to Overlook in 2017

Posted by Daltile Team on Jan 21, 2017 10:25:00 AM


Let’s talk about a few upcoming trends that you can’t miss. Get acquainted with them now and start making plans for a stylish year.

Tiger Eye in Indo random wall mosaic.

1. Tile Takes Center Stage on the Wall

Tile won’t just be for the floors and backsplash in 2017. Tiled walls started to take center stage in 2016 both in the house and in outdoor spaces. This year, the tiled wall will grow in popularity.

We’re not talking just backsplashs. We’re talking focal point wall. That means bold design that extends from floor to ceiling in many different applications. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Feature Walls

The feature wall is exactly that. It stands out from the rest of the room and acts as the focal point for the design. Tile on the walls in 2017 will get bigger and bolder.

Sizes from 24 x 48 and larger will grace commercial space walls and big, open-format home spaces. You'll see more colors (especially blue) and 3D textures in geometric patterns, natural patterns, and linear patterns will rule the day.

Brick Backsplash

Brick was a hit on the kitchen backsplash in 2016 and it will continue to be into 2017 but look for a little variation on the brick theme coming up this year. The brick size and shape will be seen on backspalshes everywhere in different materials like wood-look, concrete-look, and stone-look. It's the same concept with a twist.

Another variation you'll likely see this year is masonry-inspired tile designs like terra cotta, cementina, and creative blends of cement and metal in one tile.

Open concept kitchen.

2. The Softer Side Debuts

The emphasis in years past has been on clean, and sometimes harsh, design. Cool greys, industrial furniture and decor, and no-nonsense stone has been the standard--but not anymore. Here comes the softer side.

Look for jewel tone colors, warm greys, and velvety fabrics in 2017 interior design. Tile finishes will get visually softer as well with options like matte, light polish, and whitewash becoming available.

Tile makers will also introduce more textile-look tile in 2017. The texture and visual help soften spaces where you still want the benefits of durable tile.

Artigiano in Italian Alps and Tremini Sand 3 x 6.

3. Authentic Character Rules

The artisan sensibility will still be big in 2017. Why? Because it drips with authentic character. Cookie cutter is definitely out and unique is in. Details in decor, furniture, and the like offer one avenue to bring in character, but consider some of the others.

Wood-look tile is another way to introduce authenticity. The latest technology makes wood-look tile an excellent option because it has become so realistic. Now that the wood grain looks great, tile is showing up in designs that have the charm you're looking for. The look of chipped edges, saw marks, chatter marks, hand scraped will all be hot in 2017.

Wood look with interesting finishes like lime washed wood, vaporized wood, and even a light polish will add the detial you need to complete an authentic design. The best thing about these wood looks? They offer all the benefits of tile but with the look of authentic wood.

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