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2017 Tile Trends--Get the Inside Scoop

Posted by Daltile Team on Jan 10, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Yorkwood Manor in Pecan

Daltile is already making plans for tile that answers the biggest trends of the year. But we always keep in mind that our tile designs have to be timeless enough to keep the kitchen, entry way, and bathroom looking stylish for the next decade.

Tile Trend #1 Wood Look

Wood-look tile is the biggest segment in the tile industry at the moment. It looks more realistic than ever and still has the time-tested durability of ceramic and porcelain tile products. It has become a standard in the industry and will be around for a long time, if not forever.

Today it’s available in many different sizes and looks—everything from contemporary to rustic. It looks as great in an urban loft as it does in a traditional rustic kitchen. It is a harmonizer that blends eclectic and transitional elements into a whole.

Here’s what’s new with wood-look tile for 2017.

Shape & Size

Traditional plank sizes will always be available, but this year look for interesting shapes like hexagons and small mosaic shapes added to the mix. Brick sizes and shapes in a wood look will be hot in 2017 as well.

Narrower planks that became the standard in the mid-century era are now available in porcelain and are the perfect dimensions to create herringbone or chevron patterns.

Bigger planks will also start to become available—up to 70 inches long! As time goes by, the wood-look tile technology gets better and better. The natural wood industry is also producing large planks and our technology allows us to keep up their offerings.

Wood-Look Types

2017 will be a year for both the old and the new. You’ll see traditional offerings like oak alongside exotic wood species and unique finishes.

Larice wood is a tight-veined, clean wood that fits well in Scandinavian styles. Look for it and similarly clean, high-contrast offerings coming to the tile market soon.

Traditional, aged oak with chipped edges, saw marks, chatter marks, hand-scrapped effect, etc. will be hot in 2017 too. Our technology is doing a good job believably replicating these delicate artisan and aged features in a tile that is far from old and delicate. Add character to your design with an aged wood-look tile.


Finishes on wood-look tile will expand in 2017 with a revisit to some time-tested favorites. Vaporized wood has a unique look that makes the grain and wood textures more pronounced. Ceruse is a 16th century wood finishing process that used white lead and wood stain to make the grain stand out from the background wood. It was also known as limed wood and it’s hot in 2017.

The focus on bringing out wood grain in a dramatic way is perfectly suited to oak looks that have a rich grain. Tile technology has excellent technology to recreate both the sophisticated grain and the interesting finishes.


Tile Trend #2 Indoor-Outdoor

Living spaces these days have much less separation between indoors and outdoors. Tile helps you achieve the look that goes with this lifestyle with products that can go both out and in. That way you’ll have the same or similar tile both spaces and the outdoors seems more like an extension of the kitchen.

One of the biggest trends coming in 2017 is the 2 cm paver. These thicker tiles are made for the outdoors and come in stone-looks already but keep your eyes open for other looks this year. Upscale cement look, wood looks, etc. will be the next to hit the tile market.

Image features Dignitary in Eminence Grey


Tile Trend #3 Brick Look

Brick was an all-around favorite for backsplashes last year. It fits in equally as well in the urban styles as it does with the rustic-hearth style. In 2017, it will begin to take on a new life with many different looks in a brick size and shape. Wood, concrete, stone, etc. will be some newer interpretations of the brick style.

Tile designers have been working on blending favorite materials for new looks that speak to multiple styles—think what metal and cement like look like blended together and you’ll get the picture.

Italian-inspired masonry, cementina, will also start to find its way onto commercial or fashion forward walls and backsplashes in 2017. Classic adobe type ceramics in terra cotta colors will also be a look you’ll see more of in 2017 on patio walls, backsplashes, and fireplaces.


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DAL_Brickwork_RES_Terrace_crop.jpg Tile Trend #4 Textiles & Metals

Metallic tile and textile-look tile is the big news in tile for 2017. Metal-look tile has been expanding for several seasons and the offerings just keep getting better. The colors are richer and metallic sheen comes in shine, matte, and light polishes. Keep an eye out for blended metal-look tile like a cement look with metallic effect.

Textile-look tile has been around for a while but is coming back as a favorite in 2017. Linen, tartan, and tweed all make an appearance this coming year with beautiful textures and visual interest. Look for textile effects layered on top of concrete looks or stone looks too.

Photo features Brickwork in Terrace on the wall


Tile Trend #5 Stone

Marble was what it was all about in 2016 and it’s still at the center of the conversation, but the definition is going broader. 2017 will see grey, beige, black, and brown marble take the front seat. White marble is always a favorite, but the rich colors will make a comeback.

Monochromatic stone will be big business in 2017 as well. Any stone with minimal graphics or movement like limestone, bluestone (a type of limestone), and even-colored slate will be favorites. Stone in different finishes, sizes, and shapes will also be in high demand.


 DAL_Multitude_RES_01_UrbanGrey.jpgMultitude in Urban Grey Wave on the wall and Origami White Hxagon on the vanity backsplash

Tile Trend #6 Wall

As big as wall tile was last year, it will be even bigger this year. More accent walls, more feature walls, more tile as the wall surface of choice. Big tile and bold colors will be the tile of the day on the walls in 2017. Texture, too, will have a part to play in wall design.

3-dimensional tile designs pop off the wall with living form. It’s more than just texture. Geometric shapes, natural shapes, and linear structure will be the dominant textures on the wall.

Wall tile is getting bigger. With sizes up to 24 x 48 already available and even larger possibly on the way, big, open spaces in commercial designs are the perfect place for these large tiles.


2017 is the year of the tile! Designs are on the cutting edge and technology allows us to deliver on those designs. Subscribe to the blog to find out the latest and greatest in the tile world.

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