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2016 Kitchen Trends

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 17, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Yorkwood Manor in Pecan 6 x 36

Ready for a little freshness in your kitchen? Take a look at the latest trends to start getting ideas for your redesign. 2016 will be filled with classy yet cutting-edge elements that will give your kitchen the facelift it needs. Here are nine trends projected to be the definers of style this coming year.

1.    Transitional Style

Transitional design is the mashup between classic style and contemporary style. It has a little of the edgy, but a little of the comfortable too. It’s the perfect approach to a kitchen remodel on a budget. You can leave some elements and add new elements and have a design that doesn’t look pieced together.

Try using subway tile or wood-look tile to add a flair to your old cabinets. New stone countertops and island can freshen up flooring. A cement-look tile gives your kitchen a bit of urban loft appeal. It doesn’t take much to change the whole feel of your kitchen.

2.    Replica LookBeehive in Taupe

Tile that looks like cement or wood or stone offers you the ability to have the look you want plus stay on budget or reduce future maintenance. There are lots of reasons a look-alike is popular this year.

Look-alikes have become much more realistic and therefore acceptable. You’ll get the benefits of porcelain tile without the worry that comes with other materials.

3.    Automation

The smart kitchen is the wave of the future. Everything from apps that can turn off the oven to meat thermometers that tell you when the beef roast is done are available to consumers today.

Try out motion-activated lighting or sink faucets. Start the dishwasher on your commute. Or install charging outlets for tablets and smart phones.

4.    Lighting the Kitchen

Lighting can make or break the kitchen. You’ll need plenty of task and general lighting, but don’t forget to put in a little mood lighting. A little extra thought can transform you space from the kitchen to a romantic haven.

2016 will see more feature lighting—that is chandeliers or pendants over the island and dining areas, and custom or reclaimed one-of-a-kind pieces that define the design. Just keep in mind that when you light tiled walls that you must keep the light source about 24 inches away to avoid causing shadows that ruin the tile effect.

5.    Functional DesignConsulate in Quartzite Liason Beige 24 x 24

Designers have held on to kitchen designs that just don’t work for far too long. But demand is there now for designs that function better. From higher countertops and multi-level countertops to hydraulic “hinges” on the cabinet doors and tiered drawers, design in the kitchen will keep the user in mind.

This concept also applies to your surfaces. Most people would not put a mosaic on the floor or large format on the wall, but if it suits your purposes, go for it.

6.    Color Palettes

If you loved grey last year, you’re in for more of it. Grey in all tones will be the year’s go-to color. Black and white themes will also be hot. Pops of color as an accent will still be the way to go as well.

You might begin to see bright accent colors showing up in new ways like in the kitchen sink or on the backsplash. These more permanent accent colors mean you have to commit to a bright color permanently but set against grey or black and white backdrops, they’ll never go out of style.

7.    Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the newest, hottest material in slab countertop. It gives you the best of stone, plus some design flexibility. It is also the most durable of the slab countertops available.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is 93% quartz. It comes in all kinds of colors and designs. It makes a great look-alike for marble and other stones that aren’t always a great fit for the kitchen.

8.    WoodArtigiano in Italian Alps and Tremiti Sand

Wood is always a good idea. Even the kitchen can have all the wood you want without compromising the material. Wood-look tile stands up to moisture and spills with grace. It needs very little maintenance and lasts as long as, or longer than wood.

New wood-look tile products are barely distinguishable from the real thing and offer you lots of options like reclaimed looks and exotic wood looks.

9.    Mixed Materials

The propensity to match materials is going to start going away. You’ll start to see mixing of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Designers will start to combine materials from the same style family like brick and wood or cement and glass.

More and more mosaics are available in mixed materials like stone and glass or porcelain and metallic. These will be excellent tools in harmonizing mixed materials in a design.


Give your kitchen that much needed update with some of the best trends of 2016.

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