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2016 Bathroom Trends

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 24, 2015 10:30:00 AM

As you begin thinking about your bathroom remodel in 2016, take a moment to consider some favorite trends in 2016. Thinking in terms of trends can help you define your style and give guidance to your design. While these trends will put you right on top of what’s happening in bathroom design, they are also enduring looks that will keep your bathroom looking relevant for years to come. River Marble in Smoky River on the vanity wall and floor

1.    Vanity at the Center of the Design

The bathroom vanity has come to the forefront in bathroom design for 2016. Designers aim to make the vanity the focal point of the room and keep other elements simple, but complementary to the vanity.

Try placing an elegant tile from floor to behind the vanity. Select a countertop that adds to the drama. Simpler tiles for the shower surround and the flooring fit in best if they have smooth finishes, little color variation, and basic shapes. Let the vanity steal the show.

2.    Transitional Style

Of the three main design styles (classic, contemporary, and transitional), transitional is the trend of the year. It takes elements of both classic and contemporary and combines them in a harmonious look that is anything but eclectic.

Tile makes it easy to achieve transitional styling. You can use classic hex mosaic or subway tile with more contemporary tiles like longer planks or linear mosaics. Large format tile on the floor is an excellent foundation for transitional style. The larger size by itself has a sense of the contemporary. You can also select a smooth concrete-look color to update the bathroom.

"Contemporary white and grey stone tile and countertops have taken a strong hold in the market over the last three years. We rarely see a trend take quite that well for quite that long."

Mindy Stegall,
Daltile Design Consultant

3.    Color: Grey

Grey is still the order of the day for bathroom design in 2016. With the demand for grey so high, there are more options than ever to choose from. White is also another big favorite for 2016. You might see a bit of cream start to creep back in since marble with gold hints is another big trend for 2016. Taupe will continue to be a favorite throughout the year, as well.

Consider natural stone to introduce grey into your bathroom design. The varying color of natural stone lets you combine several colors into your color scheme so there’s plenty of visual movement through your design.

4.    Small Mosaics

2016 will see a lot more small mosaics in the bathroom, especially on the floor. Penny rounds, ovals, hexagon, and classic squares are moving back to the floor. Though it’s a retro favorite, this trend will have new life with interesting shapes, colors, materials, and patterns.Retro Rounds in Saddle Brown on the vanity wall

This is good news for smaller sized bathrooms that might start to feel crowded by larger tiles. If a small mosaic is too busy for you, try adding it as an accent instead.

5.    Mixing with Style

This year will be big on mixing colors, textures, shapes, and materials. A good example of this comes from Massimo Ballucchi, product designer at Daltile, "Floors and walls that don't match, but are complimentary are something we are seeing more of. Polished tile on the backsplash and matte on the floor, or wood-look tile on the floor and brick-look tile on the wall--it lets the wall become the feature of the room without overwhelming the room."

But you must be careful your mixing and matching doesn't go overboard. To avoid crossing the line into eclectic style, be sure to think modularly. Design your floors and walls keeping in mind which tiles go together and which are made to work together. It saves you time and money to use with tiles that were made to complement each other.

Try mixing two different finishes, one on the floor and the other on the wall. Blend subway tile with an exotic shape in a coordinating material and color. Or select materials that work together like brick and wood for a rustic chic look.

6.    Shapely Design

Instead of updating your bathroom design with color or bold texture, try shapes. Everything from the large rectangle and hexagon to the curves of arabesque or teardrop mosaics introduce an element of new into your design.Ambassador in Jet-Setter Dusk 24 x 48 on the floor

It’s a subtle design feature that takes your bathroom design from beautiful to luxurious. Shape is welcome on the floor and the wall. Pick a smaller shape and a larger shape in a monochromatic scheme to make your bathroom stand out. Or be brave and try a 3D mosaic tile to introduce some special texture to your design.

7.    Natural Stone

Marble is hot right now and designers are looking for ways to work it into the bathroom. Karen Sigrist, industrial designer at Daltile said, "Marble and interpretations on marble are projected to be big in 2016." Limestone and quartzite will also be in demand. There are more options than ever before to get this high-end look into your bathroom design without breaking the bank.

Stone-look tiles and surfaces are gaining popularity, especially in high-traffic bathrooms where durability and maintenance are a concern. Quartz that looks like marble, and porcelain that looks like quartzite (and lots of other types of stone) are the perfect answer to get the look and the convenience you want.

There is also the opportunity to introduce stone in new and unique ways. Mix other surfaces like brick, wood, or even concrete with stone for a loft look. Or consider stone in a different shape or size. "You'll see stone, especially Callacatta marble, in different shapes like hexagons or the size and shape of bricks" says Sigrist.

Start revamping your bathroom design today with 2016 trends to guide you. They are enduring trends that put you at the top now and keep you there no matter how many years pass.

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