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2 Important Things You Need to Know about Porcelain Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 9, 2018 10:20:00 AM

Tough.pngConsidering replacing your floors? The time is right to learn more about tile flooring. Tile is healthy, durable, easy to clean and care for, and comes in every style imaginable. Let’s look at just two of the most important things you should know about porcelain tile.

1. Tile is TOUGH

The most important thing to know about tile flooring is that it has built in durability and natural resistance to many everyday challenges. It’s made of 100% natural clay and fired in a kiln at over 3000 degrees.

Tile making dates back to the 13th century and today you can still see tile that is centuries old—the best testament to its durability.

The tile you can buy today benefits from technological advances in manufacturing and in the composition of the tile itself.

EmersonWood Porcelain Tile

Daltile’s StepWise™ technology is a surface applied to tile that gives it up to 75% more slip resistance than standard slip-resistant tile. It’s perfect for outdoor applications or areas that are exposed to moisture like the bathroom or around the pool.

Much of our porcelain tile features ColorBody™, that means that the surface of the tile and the body of the tile are about the same color so if there are ever scratches or chips, it’s not noticeable.

Besides modern technology, tile retains its natural toughness. It won’t freeze, fade, or crack in cold weather so it’s great for outdoor patios or around the pool. Porcelain tile is impervious to liquids—that means that it doesn’t soak up more than .5% of its weight when submerged in water. So tile is virtually waterproof and stain-proof.

Why Porcelain Tile?

2. Tile is TIMELESS

Tile never goes out of style. Even that 13th century tile in the oldest buildings in Istanbul still inspires designs today that don’t look dated or niche-y. Tile flooring offers unlimited color, texture, and patterns so you have the freedom seamlessly design throughout the home, both inside and out.

Once again, technology has changed the game when it comes to tile style. Specialized machinery gives us the ability to create different kinds of “structure” or touchable surfaces that increase the authenticity of our wood-look tile, and soften the look of our fabric-look tile. The state-of-the-art finishes of EverLux™ and touchable texture of TruTouch™ technologies make tile more beautiful and on-trend than ever before.

 Quartetto Porcelain Tile

Reveal Imaging™ is an advanced digital printing process that allows us to emulate the beauty of natural stone or exotic woods on durable tile. It creates some of the best tile in the industry. TruEdge™ is the process by which we even the edges so you can have a tighter grout joint and a more seamless look. Both of these technologies help Daltile make tile that looks great year after year, despite the ever-changing trends. Timeless style that you can appreciate for a long time.  


Consider yourself informed on two of the most important things to know about porcelain tile. Durability is what has defined the popularity of tile for centuries past. While it will continue to define it into the future, tile is quickly becoming a respected trend-setter that can go on the floors, walls, and countertops. Get the look you want with the durability that has been trusted for ages.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for more important things to know about tile flooring. And why tile is the superior surface for your project. 

Why Tile?

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