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13 Tricks to Make Way for a Statement Bathroom

Posted by Houzz on May 23, 2017 10:30:00 AM

If you think a bathroom in which you can luxuriate, with statement features and bold design, isn’t compatible with a small space, think again. There are lots of clever, space-efficient fixtures that squeeze contemporary style into a little area, but to really bring some wow to your washroom, it’s sometimes necessary to totally rethink the traditional bathroom, both in terms of how it is laid out and what it includes. These brilliant bathrooms show how a micro footprint can deliver maximum style.


Statement bathroomAaron Gordon Construction Inc, original photo on Houzz


Scale down the tub. Install a petite version of a statement piece for all the impact of a full-size model in a fraction of the space. This scaled-down freestanding tub gives this tiny bathroom a classical vibe, complemented by tiled flooring, a traditional-style shower ring and curtain, smart paneling, and striking art.

Keep it skinny. There are lots of slim bathroom fixtures that work hard in a compact space while delivering maximum impact. Shop for smart designs that aren’t greedy for space and that deliver lots of clean, contemporary style.

Choose a petite free-standing bowl-style sink and sit it on a custom shelf-style base, leaving room below for essentials. This is a space-efficient idea that doesn’t compromise on style.


Tiled showerAmberth, original photo on Houzz


Turn up your faucets. Make a small bathroom into something designer-y by staying away from traditional chrome faucets and getting something gorgeous instead. Here, the rose gold and marble finishes are glamorous and unusual, and the first thing you’d notice on walking into the room.

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The complementary coral accent in the floor tiles helps to tie the look together, and that mirrored wall not only brings the wow, but it enlarges the space and bounces light around it too.


Paper a feature wall. A lavishly papered feature wall is a go-to idea for giving a bedroom, living room or even a powder room that statement feel, so why don’t we consider it for bathrooms?

People often assume that wallpaper isn’t compatible with a steamy, splashy space, but a coating of decorator’s varnish over the top should protect it. And just look at the striking effect it has on this neutral little space.

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Bathroom/bedroom combinationWoodford Architecture and Interiors, original photo on Houzz


Borrow space from the bedroom. Make use of an underutilized area in a bedroom by installing a statement tub in it. A big free-standing tub is the last word in luxurious bathing and gives a bedroom a boutique hotel vibe. Nobody wants the other bathroom essentials in a bedroom, so keep them for a communal room nearby and make the tub the star.


Small bathroom with characterAZOULAY INTERIORS, original photo on Houzz


Wrap around the tile. Sometimes, it’s the simplest decisions that can prompt the biggest style statement. In this petite attic bathroom, the owner continued the striking patterned tiles from the floor onto the wall. Not only does this create an interesting wraparound effect, but it also visually stretches the space, as the floor and wall melt into each other.

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Mood lighting also helps to boost the atmospheric feel of the room.


Tuck under. Longing for a freestanding tub but lacking the square footage? Rethink the traditional idea of sitting it squarely in the middle of the room and tuck your tub under the eaves instead.

Look East. Bathe like the Japanese in a space-efficient but wonderfully luxurious square wooden tub. The idea is to sit with hot water up to your chin, rather than lie down as you do in Western-style baths. This style of tub makes an outsize impression.


Making the most of the small bathroomOliver Chabaud Architecture, original photo on Houzz

Rethink the traditional. Really tight spaces call for radical solutions. In order to have a decent-size bath, it might have to completely fill part of the room, rather than sit within it. This long, narrow room has a large bath taking up one side.

Pack it all in. Give up on the idea of floor space between key bathroom elements and position everything closely together. And rather than use the all-white approach in a bid to make the space feel bigger, try styling this configuration boldly with striking tile on the walls and floor.


Tiny bathroom with subway tileChris Snook, original photo on Houzz


Be innovative.This converted shipping container is short on space but packed with ingenious ideas. In the bathroom, the shower floor is made of a pebble-covered mesh that sinks down to reveal a stainless steel tub beneath, so there’s just one drainage system for both the shower and the bath.

A mix of materials and furniture (pebbles, metro tiles, vintage finds) gives this tiny room lots of style.

Go sleek and streamlined. Install a tub that matches the width of the room for a snug, streamlined feel.

Consider installing a shower next to the bath, with a wooden slatted floor over the drainage, which is useful when showering or hopping out of the tub. This creates a wet-room-meets-bathroom effect, all delivered in a small, streamlined space.

Use color to make a statement. Bring a sense of drama to a tiny bathroom by splashing a bold, bright color on the walls. Let your color make the statement, then kit out the space simply with small-scale fixtures and clean white tiles.

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