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11 Small Bathroom Ideas

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Misconceptions about Small Bathrooms

Over the last three decades, the size of the standard bathroom has doubled. But if you’re one of the lucky ones still trying to work with a smaller bathroom, we have good news.
You don’t have to let your small square-footage limit the possibilities. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around when it comes to small spaces and what you “can” and “can’t” do with them design-wise. Here are 11 small bathroom ideas to not only make your space feel bigger, but help you get the style of a larger space.

#1 Open Floor Plan

In such a small space, an open floor plan might seem like a contradiction. But if you have any kind of divider in your bathroom, getting rid of it will make the room seem bigger. Lose any unnecessary privacy walls and make the entrance to your shower even with the floor for a more open feel.

Veranda Tones in Zen Garden 13 x 20 on floor and wall

#2 Glass, Mirrors, and White

Mirrors, transparent glass, and lots of white make your little bathroom appear much bigger. It serves to remove barriers that would break up the space and gives you a sense of vastness that really isn’t there.  

#3 Sneaky Storage

Make walls and dividers in the bathroom double as storage space. If they have to be there, you might as well make them work for you. Try recessed storage that uses the space in the wall itself to create shelves. Or install shallow cubbies on the wall to increase the functionality of your bathroom with a minimal footprint.

THE NEW AMERICAN HOME Photo features Glass Pebbles in Ivory Iridescent

#4 No Frames

The frame on your glass shower door may be making your bathroom seem smaller. Even the frame on your vanity mirror may be shrinking your space. Curbs on the shower and other frames divide the space visually and make your bathroom feel more claustrophobic. Opt for frameless shower surrounds which still separate the shower from the rest of the room, but give the allusion of an open space. Mirrors and windows with nearly invisible frames, or no frames, keep anything in the room from being confined.

#5 Good Lighting

Good lighting goes a long way to increasing the feeling of space in your bathroom. Likewise, poor lighting can make your bathroom feel cramped. The key to great lighting in your bathroom is using both ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting is your general lighting and task is smaller, more specific lighting.

THE NEW AMERICAN HOME Photo features Urban Metals in Stainless 1 x 2 brick joint on the shower wall

#6 Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Using stripes in your design can make your space feel larger. Horizontal lines make the room seem bigger and vertical lines make the room seem taller. Stripes are trendy right now so add a few lines in a great color, or build them into your tile backsplash. Who says you can’t bring the latest style into a small bathroom remodel?

#7 Selective use of Patterns

You might have heard that you should steer clear of patterns in small spaces. Not so. A little pattern can actually help make your room bigger if used correctly. Too much pattern may make your room seem smaller. But the right amount creates interest which adds more visual depth.

Keystones in Arctic White 1 x 2 brick work mosaic and 2 x 2 border

#8 Large Format Tiles

One of the biggest misconceptions about small spaces is that you have to use small tile. It’s not true. Small bathroom tile can actually make the space feel smaller. Larger bathroom tiles, tiles 15 inches or larger can make the bathroom feel bigger.

#9 Bold Focal Point

The choice to highlight one part of your bathroom draws the eye to that feature and tends to drown out other things—most notably, the size of the room. A bold pattern or color on the vanity or an attention-grabbing shower design don’t crowd the bathroom, but expand the visual space.

NEXT Gallery in White and Black 12 x 24 wall and floor tile

#10 Tankless Toilets

Save several square feet of space in the bathroom with a tankless toilet. The tank is housed within the wall or in another location so it doesn’t take up space in the bathroom itself. There are also low-profile toilets and wall-mounted toilets that have a decreased footprint.

#11 Curvy Lines

Curves give a room a more spacious feel than the straight lines of most bathrooms. Vanities and other features on the inside of your bathroom with curved profiles give you more usable space and storage.

Armed with these small bathroom ideas, you’re finally ready to conquer your bathroom remodel.

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