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10 Most Desirable Amenities for Multi-Family Housing

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 24, 2016 10:30:00 AM

A rooftop entertaining space at a multi-unit building. Features pavers in Delegate Light Grey

The latest amenities in demand for multi-family developments is making apartment living more like being in a hotel than a traditional living space. Apartment seekers, especially Millennials, are ok with smaller square footage in exchange for some pretty exciting amenities. Here are ten favorites that will attract great tenants and handsome rent prices.

  1. A building concierge is available to provide just about anything for tenants. Designers reach for amenities that people will actually use and this is one that renters love and aren’t concerned about the price tag attached to the monthly rent.
  2. Decks and terraces, especially at high-rise developments, are nearly a necessity. The love of outdoor living and entertaining is no different for the homeowner than the renter so this trend finds a way to work in the rental setting. These may be private or a shared space.

  3. Fitness Centers of today’s multi-family developments are a little different than in years past. They are centered around social interactions like yoga classes and wellness advisors. Some apartment contracts include a pass to a nearby gym instead of having an in house facility.

  4. Apartments are already offering bike storage and repair services. Many have bike parking and offer incentives for being car-free. Some cities even have regulations that make urban residences more bike-friendly.

  5. It goes way beyond pets being welcome in rental developments these days. Residents are looking for buildings where pets aren’t only welcome, but offer pet services like grooming, exercise spaces, and play services. Builders choose materials, like tile, that stand up to pets and make cleanup easy.

  6. Technology and connectivity is ever important to today’s renter. It can be tricky to install the kind of technology that renters want but will remain relevant enough to make it a good investment. Many provide better control over thermostats and entries. Some have automated email systems that notify tenants when Amazon makes a delivery to their designated mail locker. Common areas with WiFi, USB ports, and other web access are necessities.

  7. Cooking classes and other social activities are becoming more available at multi-family developments. Add to that a wine cellar and the rooftop deck and these tenants are set for some stunning entertaining.

  8. Services like dry cleaning, personal shoppers, and childcare are also becoming more common amenities. Home becomes a one-stop shop for many family’s needs.

  9. If the hotel vibe wasn’t already strong, spas and massage centers are increasingly a part of the multi-family scene. You might also find spas for pets and bikes.

  10. Business centers and private office space make home and work synonymous. It’s good for the environment and a great amenity for a workforce that spends more and more time working from home.

Attract more and better tenants with the right amenities built into your design.

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