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10 Bathroom Storage Solutions You Need Now

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

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Storage in the bathroom is prime real estate that’s in short supply. Here are a few ways to get more storage out of your bathroom.

1.    Classic Behind-the-Mirror Cabinet

Maybe you thought these weren’t around anymore, but here they are—in their updated form—ready to offer better storage than ever before.

The new concealed cabinet has the features you always lamented about before. Some cabinets are lit, both on the interior and the exterior. Others have magnetic strips to hold your metal tools. You can also get modular versions and arrange several so you’re not limited to the small mirror space.

2.    In-Shower Shelving

With shelves built into the shower, you give the space that soap and shampoo were taking up to other important items. Anything that can withstand some extra moisture can be stored on the shower shelves.

These can be either open shelving or you can install doors to cut back on the moisture and keep things looking tidy.

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3.    Over-the-Toilet Organizer

This is another classic bathroom accessory that you may have forgotten about. Remember them as being clunky and unattractive? Today’s designs are much better on both counts.

The update includes shelves that have been sectioned off for easier organization and closed space storage areas for items you’d rather not look every time you enter the bathroom.

4.    Open Storage

Instead of trying to find a place for everything in the closet, consider using some of your stored items as elements of your design and décor.

Roll up towels and place in a basket or rack. Use apothecary jars to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, and other small items.

5.    Under-Sink

Under the sink is probably the largest area of storage in the bathroom. Place baskets under the sink for open storage or put a skirt around the sink for more discreet storage.

If it is covered, provide more efficient storage by getting organizers so the area doesn’t become the black hole of storage.

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6.   Hooks and Racks

You can put hooks and racks just about anywhere in the bathroom. They are usually best on the back of the bathroom door or other places for things you use frequently.

Hooks and racks are some of the most loved types of storage because they are easy.  Just throw your towel on the rack and go.

7.   Armoires

Furniture in the bathroom is gaining popularity as a design element anyway, so why not bring it into the bathroom to increase your storage? Pick up a vintage piece and refinish it to match your bathroom décor. They come in all sizes and offer you excellent storage.

If you opt to refinish a favorite piece of furniture, be sure to use stains and sealers that will protect it from the high-moisture environment of the bathroom.

Tie your armoires to the established style in the bathroom with accents and details that run across the entire room.  Accents are a simple way to bring a breath of fresh air to your bathroom while tying its differing elements together.

8.   Smarter Vanities

As stylists embrace a more universal design, they reach to achieve a balance between functionality and beauty. That means many bathroom elements, including vanities, offer better storage with an equal amount of style.

As you plan, design, and shop for your bathroom; be sure to consider both form and function.

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9.   Counter Space

If storage space was limited in your bathroom, counter space is probably worse. If you are unable to get any more counter space installed, try putting in a small ledge or shelf under-the-mirror, under the window, or above the towel rack. This small change may not seem like much, but it might just give you the extra space you were looking for.

10.   Vertical Space

If you are running out of room, think up. You probably have a whole bunch of space up higher in your bathroom where you could hang a simple shelf and alleviate your storage problems.

Get creative with how you go about creating wall storage. Any number of things can make your storage look less like a place to put stuff and more like a design element of the bathroom. Try crates, halved barrels, furniture bolted to the wall, reclaimed boxes or baskets, etc.

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