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Add a Granite Countertop to Make Any Room Feel High-End

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 10, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Few design elements say luxury as loudly as a granite countertop. This material has a high-end appearance, and comes in many colors and patterns. Since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome, great stonework has been the pinnacle of beautiful, expensive design. Keep reading for some ways to use granite to make the high-end feel of a space come alive.Granite countertop
Granite countertop in Ocean Tide. Photo courtesy of THE NEW AMERICAN REMODELED HOME


Carefully Choose Your Granite

The Granite Collection is full of color options, and natural granite is a prized design choice because each and every piece of stone is a little different. The bands and flecks of color appear at random to create a pattern that's unique to each slab, meaning that your granite countertop will always look different from any other out there. That's why you want to take your time picking a granite slab that matches your overall design plan. For instance, look for a stone with lots of black flecks if you plan on using a dramatic color palette, or look for a more neutral shade if you plan on using fabrics to bring color into the room. Whatever design plan you have in mind, chances are that there's a piece of granite to match.

Make Granite the Focal Point of the Kitchen

Add a granite countertop to your kitchen to make it the foundation of the room's design. With the granite forming a visual centerpiece, your kitchen will look more high-end throughout. Granite pairs beautifully with wood cabinetry, stainless steel, and other trendy kitchen design elements. And because granite can hold up to natural elements, it makes for an extremely long-lasting material that you can enjoy in your kitchen for years to come.

Add a Unique Look to a Bathroom or Bar

Countertops aren't just for the kitchen. Bathrooms and bar areas look great in granite, too. A gorgeous granite slab can be used inside or outside of the house, in the basement, or in any room where you need a little counter space. Granite creates a gorgeous, long-lasting vanity in any bathroom, and can serve as a focal point for the space. Use white granite in the bathroom to match the fixtures, or go with a striking shade of black (or other bold color) to bring out the contrast in your overall design plan.

Use Granite in Your Backsplash

There's more than one way to add the gleam of granite to your kitchen. Aside from using it on the countertops, you can use it within your backsplash. You can even pair a granite backsplash with your granite countertop to draw the eye and set off the natural beauty of the stone. Granite Radiance tile is made in mosaic patterns that mix and match varying color shades to liven up any room's appearance.

Designing with granite makes your kitchen more lasting and elegant, so let it serve as the base of your design and choose complementary or contrasting fabrics and decorations. The goal is to make the granite design a focal point and draw the eye. One stunning visual aspect is all it takes to immediately elevate the style of any room. Start looking for a granite countertop that you love at a nearby Daltile showroom or slab yard, and then build the rest of your design to highlight this amazing piece.


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