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Not Your Mother’s Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Tile for a New Era

Multitude in Domino Black hexagon wall tile

Tile may last just about forever, but that doesn’t mean it has to look outdated. Advances in technology and demand for materials that deliver both style and durability have transformed the tile industry. This isn’t your mother’s tile—it’s tile for a new age and well-informed consumers.

Here’s how tile has changed.

Function and Aesthetic

Massimo Ballucchi, product designer at Daltile recently reminded us, “Homes are embracing clean lines and open spaces, while hospitality venues, healthcare centers and offices want to make you feel at home.” The lines between commercial and home design are blurring and along with that comes the blending of function and aesthetic. Today’s designs demand both.

Tile answers that demand with the durability you’ve always trusted alongside a huge assortment of beautiful tile. Classics like subway tile are still in play. Stone is always a wise investment. But look for new versions of these tiles that take it to the next level like oversized, beveled subway tile or stone in a hexagon shape.

Large format tile has been a great fit for commercial spaces for a while, but now homeowners are embracing it too. You can find tile from 15” on up to 5’ panels.

Wall tile is another functional classic that has mostly been for commercial settings. But wall tile today has some gorgeous options including 3D textures, like Daltile’s new Multitude, that pops off the wall and makes a statement of personality in a home.

Today’s tile has no problem looking on-trend while still maintaining—and even building on—durability.

Annapolis in Sail gloss bevel 6 x 16 inch wall tile

Beyond Durable to Dependable

Tile has always been pretty durable. Grecian and Turkish baths from millennia ago are still graced by intact tile. Tile today is even better than the tile of the past.

Technologies like Tru-Edge and StepWise™ let tile meet the needs of another generation. Tru-Edge is the process of “rectifying” the tile, or making the edges very precise. Exact edges mean a narrower grout line and that means less chance of the tile moving too much and becoming prone to damage. It also looks great, especially for wood-look tile.

StepWise™ is a surface technology that provides better slip resistance and easy clean-ability. It is a favorite choice for commercial spaces and residential applications with high traffic. It is also a great option for outdoor spaces especially in a floor plan that extends the indoor living space into the outdoors. You can use the same tile throughout the house then extend it right outside to the patio.

Tile does more today that it has ever done before. Bullucchi told us, “Whether it is using tile to make spaces look bigger or extending comfort to exterior spaces, the home improvement and building forums are increasingly pushing the idea of making the most of your resources.” Rely on high-tech tile to get the job done and make the most of what you’ve got.

Portfolio in Iron on the floor

Look-Alikes that Make You Look Twice

One of the best things tile has to offer right now is graphics. Product designers like Ballucchi, are taking real world materials and translating them onto tile. Wood-look tile now replicates wood so closely that you’ll look twice and still be amazed.

Daltile offers multiple wood-looks and continues to work on more. Season Wood offers a reclaimed look, while Saddle Brook offers a more classic look. The plank sizes are becoming more varied so there’s more opportunity to play with the patterns—think herringbone or chevron.

Stone looks are also growing at Daltile. Incredible samples of marble from around the world influenced the production of recently launched Marble Attache. Beautiful white with grey veining or deep chocolate brown with beige striations in porcelain is a great choice for the budget without sacrificing the aesthetic.

The stone and wood looks of the past left plenty to be desired, but technology has bridged the gap and made way for more designs and tile applications than were available before.

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