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Outdoor Kitchen Craze

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 11, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Wood Look Tile on Patio
Saddle Brook XT in Farmhouse on the patio floor

Outdoor spaces have become a standard of living in most homes. They are a mirror image of the indoor space with all the creature comforts of the indoors like living areas, entertainment areas, and most importantly—kitchens.

The outdoor kitchen is the latest and greatest outdoor trend—and a very accessible one. No matter what size space or amenities you have, you can create a kitchen for your outdoor area. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own outdoor kitchen.

Bold Design Choices

Most homeowners tend to cut loose a bit more in outdoor designs than they ever would allow themselves to indoors. Somehow, bright colors and cutting-edge design are less of a risk outside than they are inside. Have some fun with your outdoor kitchen design choices and save the neutrals for inside.

Salvaged and Repurposed

One hot trend in outdoor kitchens is adding favorite salvaged pieces to the design—or even building the design around a great find. Antique bar stools, eclectic décor, and fun statement pieces set a tone for the backyard that exude a party-time feel and prime you and your guests for a good time.

Warm Details

Outdoor spaces can be on the hard side because everything has to withstand the elements. But you can warm up cement, stainless steel, and stone with comfortable details. Cover the patio with durable tile that looks like wood and you achieve both a weather-proof surface and an inviting space. Add indoor touches like pillows, blankets, rugs, coffee tables, and non-wicker furniture (all of which are available in sturdy outdoor versions) for the ultimate in warm detail.


Natural Quartzite in Outdoor KitchenQuartzite Stacked Stone on the outdoor kitchen backsplash


The classic and upscale choice for outdoor kitchens, stone options are vast. Cool white marble takes the outdoor kitchen to new levels and you can’t beat the durability of granite. You might want to try quartz, which has the beauty of marble with the durability of granite. Don’t forget to finish your design with a beautiful mosaic on the backsplash or at the poolside.


The outdoor kitchen trend is really all about entertaining so make sure your design has plenty of seating especially around the cooking area –where there’s food, there’s gathering. Don’t forget other important details that make the outdoors more comfortable like covered areas, shade, fans, etc.

Break It Up

There is no better open floor plan than the great outdoors. You and your guests are used to the way the indoor floor plan flows with space for cooking, eating, hanging out, relaxing, and being entertained. Segment the outdoor space much the way you would an indoor open floor plan.


The hearth is a must for outdoor spaces. Whether the kids are roasting hot dogs and marshmallows or mom and dad are gathering around for romantic evening, there’s nothing like a fireplace. There are lots more options for the outdoor fireplace than the indoor fireplace: open pit, covered gas, or pizza oven.


Wood Look Tile in Outdoor Kitchen
Saddle Brook XT in Oak Trail on the patio floor and Farmhouse on the wall


Never underestimate the power of lighting to transform a space, especially outdoors. String up some bulbs or repurpose some holiday lights to set the mood. If you’re wired for electricity, hang some pendant lights. A rustic chandelier outdoors makes a statement and adds a lot to the design. On the more practical side, if you are planning on cooking outside, good task lighting is necessary.

Seamless Indoor to Outdoor

Another hot trend in outdoor kitchens is the extension of the indoor space into the outdoors. Large folding walls or glass doors extend your inner entertaining space beyond. Designs attempt to make both feel like one cohesive whole with similar design and colors. Even keeping one element the same between the two, like the floor can provide that seamlessness. Saddle Brook is an indoor wood-look tile and its sister, Saddle Brook XT is made for the outdoors. Even a close inspection isn’t enough for you to tell the difference between them.

Retrofitting and Small Spaces

You don’t have to have a large backyard to pull off an outdoor kitchen. In fact, you don’t need any backyard at all. Creative homeowners are using any outdoor space from the roof to the balcony to create their outdoor havens. You don’t need a costly renovation either. Retrofit your space for the outdoor kitchen with battery operated appliances and solar powered lighting. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Make your outdoor kitchen the place to be at your next party or family gathering. It’s like being indoors but better!

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