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Must-Have Features for in-Kitchen Entertaining

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 15, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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If you love to invite family and friends into your kitchen for a Saturday night party . . .  If Thanksgiving at your house is a tradition . . . If you’re thinking about volunteering your kitchen for the dinner club, then there are a few things your kitchen should definitely be equipped with.

Here are a few appliances and other items you should incorporate into your kitchen design to make it entertaining-friendly.

An Island

If you have room, the kitchen island is a necessity. It gives you extra prep space, storage space, and cooking space. It can be your command center of the kitchen and the place that combines social interaction and cooking.

A traditional rectangular island with a bar and plenty of seating lets you and your guests mingle before dinner is ready. Consider a semi-circular island. These do take up a lot of room, but they allow you to cook and still be in the center of the action.

AppliancesBee Hive in Ash Grey 24 x 20 on the floor

As much as you wish you had a reason to splurge on professional-grade appliances, most people get by just fine with high-quality residential versions. They are built for cooking and for style so you get the best of both worlds.

Stainless steel appliances offer you the look of pro-grade without the hefty price tag. Stainless adds a lot of value to your home--both aesthetically and if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Flat Screen

If you entertain during sporting events, a flat screen TV in the kitchen is just as important as any of the other appliances.

Low profile flat screens are the best pick because they don’t take up much space in a room where every inch counts.

“Point of Service” Refrigeration

These cold drawers and zone units take the burden off your standard refrigerator and put what you need right at your fingertips. Wine coolers and under-counter cooling drawers are excellent for keeping everything cool for the duration of the party.

Warming Drawers

Along the same line as refrigerator drawers, warming drawers give you extra space separate from the oven. You have to keep food warm in order to keep it safe for eating and warming drawers do a great job of this. Their lower temperatures also help you keep food from drying out or becoming overdone.

Photo courtesy of THE NEW AMERICAN HOME features Urban Metals in Stainless brickjoint 1 x 2

Twin Dishwashers

After your party is over, the stacks of dishes remind you of some of the downsides to entertaining. Staying up late to run the dishwasher twice is never a fun chore. A second full size dishwasher saves the day by shortening cleaning time and keeping dirty dishes off the counter.

You can also opt for a half-size dishwasher if you only need a little more washing power. These are usually drawers that are installed under the counter.

Catering Space

If you cater your parties, a space specifically for the catering staff is a great idea. A butler’s pantry has all the necessities like an oven, sink, and refrigerator plus plenty of counter space. The busyness stays out of the kitchen and socializing area so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves.

Raised Countertops

A bar or island with sections of raised countertops lets your guests enjoy your company without feeling like they are right in on the cooking action. It hides some of the dishes and mess that comes with cooking yet guests can still be right there with you.


Redesign your kitchen with some features that will help you pull off that party without a hitch. Get inspiration for a great kitchen at Daltile’s Inspiration Gallery.

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