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2018’s Hottest Mosaic Tile Trend: Sheen

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 16, 2018 2:55:03 PM

Sheen has long been a buzzword in the design world. It’s the soft luster on a surface that reflects light and gives the surface a subtle shine. Sheen can range from glossy to matte and anywhere in between. The visual interest it adds to a design provides a feast for the eyes that stands out.

Glass mosaic tile is the go-to material for creating sheen. Take a closer look at these new products that interpret sheen in new and interesting ways.

Cascading Waters in Earth Tide on the BacksplashCascading Waters in Earth Tide on the kitchen backsplash

Pearly Sheen Glass Mosaic Wall Tile

Cascading Waters blends colors for a sheen that resembles misty water just fallen from a waterfall. This glass mosaic tile has a reflective glass surface with a pearly colored backing that softens the gloss to a sheen. It adds a little more finesse than a traditional glass tile backsplash .

It is an excellent decorative mosaic tile for the kitchen or bathroom backsplash or as a feature wall. The right amount of sheen invites you into the room and has enough interest to keep you engaged. Select from blends in grey, beige, brown, or blue.

Illuminary in Kindle Blend on the feature wallIlluminary in Kindle Blend on the feature wall

Classic Sheen in Striking Patterns

The sheen on Illuminary mosaic glass tile is the definition of what sheen should be. It allows the color through but dazzles with surface sheen that can change with the amount and angle of light with a prismatic effect. The surface also contains light, touchable texture. Go with a solid color or a blend of neutrals. For a more pronounced statement select a bright or high-contrast blend of colors.

Illuminary comes in three glass mosaic tile patterns that add additional interest to an already dazzling mosaic design. The Oscillating pattern places the tiles in a linear horizontal or vertical pattern. The diagonals of the rhombus shape make this pattern stand out with an almost three-dimensional effect. The Herringbone pattern interlocks individual tiles in a visually harmonious, but mesmerizing look.

Cash in on another trend and add some decorative linear mosaic glass tile to further your design. Four accent tiles add even more texture and divert the eye from a background of mosaic tile.

Illuminary in Sandbar Bronze on the bathroom wallIlluminary in Sandbar Herringbone pattern on the bathroom wall


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