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Mediterranean Design: Pool Tile for European Relaxation

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 17, 2015 6:00:00 AM


It’s all about escape. Whether you are getting away from the heat of the day or you want to be transported to your favorite tropical island—the pool should be a place designed to let you escape. If your idea of the perfect summer escape is living in luxury on the Mediterranean, have we got a treat for you!

The principles of Mediterranean pool design are simple yet distinctive. With a few design guidelines, you can make your pool the perfect hideaway.


The colors of the Mediterranean go a long way to setting up the atmosphere you want for your pool. Traditionally, you’ll find warm earth tones and neutrals alongside an aqua-toned water.

You might also find some colorful mosaics in Mediterranean pool design. A pop of classy color around the water level in the pool is refreshing. An artistic mosaic in the style of ancient Rome or Greece gives your pool a customized luxury.

Adobe style is another popular direction for Mediterranean pools. This deep, orangy or warm, brown look coats walls in a comforting Spanish-inspired color and texture.

Ornate Design

The Mediterranean pool is easy on the eyes. Its calm continuity makes for the perfect escape. However, it is also characterized by rich details. You’ll find exquisite tile work. Architecturally demanding curves, arches, and other Greek and Roman-influenced shapes that invite an exotic air.

Not only is the pool itself a design triumph, the space surrounding it is just as well thought out. The experience poolside is as important as the actual pool. Include a soothing deck, veranda, or pergola to provide a relaxing experience out of the water.  

Create a focal point in your space that harmonizes your design. Waterfalls or a water feature is a popular addition to ornate Mediterranean style pools.


Tile Work

Tile has been a design staple in the region for centuries. From stone tiles to cotto and classic mosaics to a pop of modern color, tile helps you to achieve a beautiful Mediterranean style. Select a cool blue swimming pool tile to line the pool and warm, textured neutrals for the pool deck and the rest of your outdoor space. Go with a rustic slate or refined travertine tile.

Or select a porcelain or ceramic tile that has the look of stone but the benefits of traditional tile. Use a ruddy Saltillo tile for the Adobe look or go for the colorful mosaic that the Romans would love. Mediterranean pool tile ideas abound. Enhance your space with the right tile to set the mood.

Stone Work

Stone is a classic look in every Mediterranean design. The warmth of the natural materials brings the neutral and comforting feel you’re going for. While stone is not suitable for the pool itself, it can be a good choice for walls, accents, and sometimes the pool deck.

A beautiful travertine is a classic Italian look. Slate, either rough cut or cleft textures provide both the natural colors and textures that are Mediterranean.

Sweeping Landscapes

The finishing touch on your Mediterranean style pool is the landscaping. No self-respecting European would forego this important step. The sweeping vineyards and orchards of the region need little more ornamentation than a few oversized terra cotta pots full of flowers.

But if you aren’t lucky enough to take advantage of the surrounding beauties, create your own. Let plenty of sunshine in and add some well-appointed architecture into the mix. Greenery, especially Cypress trees, frame the warmth of the design. Gravel pathways or limestone stepping stones create a sense of flow.

A Mediterranean pool is in your reach. Create your getaway with the right design today.

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